Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend News

It has been a busy weekend to say the least. I was able to get my husband (minus the super hot and wonderful description) to let me go and LOOK at Iphones. Before he could finish that sentence, I had the kids strapped in the car and my foot on the gas. We walked into the apple store and it was pandemonium. Absolute chaos. I have never seen that many people in such a little store. I asked the kids to be on their best behavior since mommy was going to have figure out how she could buy this phone without daddy knowing. After about 10 minutes of just staring and, I must admit, some salavating we were approached by a sales girl. She had several piercings, the stretched out earlobes, a stud through her chin? It was a little hard not to look directly at her but, I couldn't take my eyes off of the iphone. She answered all my questions and when she pulled out her own iphone to see how many pictures it could hold, I about fainted. Seriously. At this point, my youngest had hit her head on the counter that she was swinging on and my oldest was telling her that she shouldn't have been doing that. I didn't care in that moment...I was staring at it. It was within my grasp. I, for a second, had a thought of taking her phone and running out the door but, I know my kids would have ratted me out. Can't keep their mouths shut!! Still no Iphone but, one step closer.

On Sunday, we decided to take a relaxing day trip to the beach. My mother in law decided she wanted to come too so we crammed 5 people into our car (which seats 5 but, it is squished with car seats) and head to the beach for some family fun. The kids were on my last nerve within about 20 minutes. Arguing, being mean, and rude, and they were no picnic either. I decided to just give up and ignore them the best I could. Since I was the one in the back seat with them it was a little hard to do. They were hungry, they wanted the music up, then it was too loud, they were thirsty, then the gum...oh the gum!!! It was insane. By the end of the trip they were pinching my arm flab and I didn't care as long as they were quiet. I had a moment of peace when I was sitting in my chair on the beach, listening the the waves, it was serenity at its finest. I knew this moment wouldn't last long so, I enjoyed every second of it.

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