Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hold 'em Tighter

We are officially moved out of our house and the ceiling project has begun. It is amazing how much crap...I mean treasures you have after living somewhere for almost 10 years. Really this is the first time we have moved everything, cleaned, got rid of stuff, etc. We now think that it would be so great to paint before we move everything back in. Sounds GREAT but, what we have failed to see is that painting takes an obscene amount of time to do with the taping, drop cloths, rollers, clean up, etc. So, I think we have decided to just do touch ups on the major parts and we are not changing colors of any of the rooms at this point.

Last Friday, I had a horrible thing happen on my way home from the store. I had both kids with me in the car driving back after getting ice cream. I saw a car hit what I thought was a cat but, it turned out to be a kid. Mayhem ensued as the men that hit the little guy actually knew him and they were really freaking out. I stopped the car and the girls stayed inside while I went out to see if I could help. This poor little boy is 7 and he was so scared that he was going to die. He kept saying over and over again..."I don't want to die!!!" He actually was quite lucky because the only thing I could see wrong with him was a broken arm and his hand was pretty mangled (as if it had been run over or trapped under the tire). As for internally, I have no idea. Seeing this whole scene unfold right before my eyes made me think about my beautiful children and how precious they are to me and those who know them. While they may drive me crazy sometimes, they are sweet, delightful, smart, healthy, whole and wonderful. I couldn't ask for two better kids. So today, I hold them a little tighter, I kiss them a little sweeter, I look into their eyes a little longer because you never know what life is going to bring. Why not enjoy what is right in front of you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

And so it begins...

My super hot hubby and I have been working so hard to get everything ready for the ceiling people to come next week.  I have spent the day cleaning out closets and purging clothes, shoes, toys, junk, etc.  and, boy oh boy, does it feel good!!! Look out, when I get like this...the cats, the kids, my husband could all end up in the "junk pile". I really like throwing stuff away sometimes.  Just getting rid of things that are no longer necessary feels fantastic.  Hopefully, this feeling doesn't transfer towards my super hot hubby throughout this remodeling project. There is lots to do and I am quite shocked that super hot hubby and I are still on speaking terms at this point.  

My dad came through town yesterday and stayed the night with us and it was a blast.  I could sit with him and chat FOR-EVER!!  He has such great stories and tells them over and over again but, each time they are a little bit better. He is great with the kids and they love having him here. This morning I was so excited to sleep a little bit longer since I knew the kids would go in and wake him up instead of me.   That is until I heard my youngest yelling and laughing with delight as my dad says "Hey, let's not do any more cannonballs off the bed."  She, of course, did not listen to him.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lord, help me!!!!  I cannot believe what I am about to write here...brace yourselves, people.  I went into work yesterday and my room was again filled with crap and I have been told that there are two, count them TWO, additional people moving into my room.  Grand total would be six for those of you who are keeping count.  I have been told that the crap is not staying as it is all computer stuff and will go into classrooms. Seriously, it took three rather large and rather burly men five trips with dollys and carts to get all that stuff into my room.  I was trying to make light of the situation as I watched them unload an entire truck load full of stuff and place it in my room.  I was making jokes, trying to make small talk and I believe the burly delivery man just grunted at me.  I have had a very positive attitude about it and I think I am really ok with it.  My super hot hubby told me that I have officially become the step child of the school and I guess not a very well liked one at that.   There goes my positive attitude...DAMN IT I was doing so good!!

To make matters even worse, it is the night before a run.  I should be in bed right now dreaming of puppies, roasting marshmellows, laying in a hammock or the boogeyman for cryin out loud.  Instead,  I am sitting here dreading what is to come in the morning.  My cheery running partner greeting me in the dark with a "good morning", me almost hyperventilating from sucking wind so much, AND we have extended the run!!!  WTF!!!! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


All the girls in the house will agree with me on this post. Every female has a friend that they don't talk to that often but, when they see her they think to themselves "Why don't I hang out with her more?" You know the one?? My friend is someone that I have been friends with for 10 plus years and we met at work. She sat in the next cubicle from me and while we have different stories about how we became friends, she is a good friend none the less. She would say that I invited her to lunch and she had forgotten her lunch so off we went. I would say that I had asked her to lunch about 100 times and she got so tired of me stalking...umm, I mean asking that she finally said..."fine, I will go but, I really don't need anymore friends." Or something to that effect. Normally, I would be in a puddle on the floor bawling my eyes out uncontrollably but, I wasn't offended by this at all. I actually told her that she may not need anymore friends but, she didn't have a friend like me and that she would be my friend if she only knew me. So, here we are 10 plus years later...different jobs, different lives and still friends. We only see each other a few times a year and exchange e-mails a half dozen times. When we do meet for dinner, lunch, ice cream, whatever we laugh so hard that it is embarrassing in the restaurant. Well, I laugh that hard and she just turns red from the embarrassment. Our lunches turn into dinners and dinners into desserts. I really could sit with her for hours and chat and catch up and laugh. We usually end up closing the restaurant down or else they kick us out because we are so loud. My stomach will hurt for the next few days. I was thinking that I need to see her more often to give my stomach muscles a work out. Need me some six pack abs, ya know???

Monday, October 13, 2008

Glutten for Punishment

I actually went for run BY MYSELF on Sat. I have no idea what I was thinking but, I did it. I found myself in a little bit of a competition with, I guess. Wondering how far I could actually run before stopping and if I could surprise my cheery running partner on Tues. morning with my endurance. I hated every second of it but, I found it interesting that I even had the thought to go. I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER be a runner. You know, those people that live for it, gotta do it everyday, get up at the crack of butt, just love it?? Ya, not me. I am the one swearing obscenities through my gasps for breath. I am only doing this because I am an wait, I want to do the triathlon and unfortunately running is part of it. SIGH!!!!

As if the running was not enough for me, I have now taken on the daunting task of kitchen remodel with my super hot husband. Now, this does wonders for a marriage, let me tell you!! Can I get an AMEN from those out there that have gone through this???!!! I have picked the tile, counter tops, paint, bamboo flooring and I am ready to go. Super hot hubby, on the other hand, is not quite so eager. I need to be careful as to what I write here today since he is probably going to read this but, I LOVE him and he is ridiculous!!! He wants to do portions of the project himself but, I want to hire someone qualified to do the job. He makes me smile (when I say smile I really mean throw daggers at him with my eyes) when he says and I quote..."I can do that and save some money." I always think "well, of course you can but, at what cost?" We had these gigantic eucalyptus trees in our front yard that we wanted to take out and he thought he would be able to cut them down by himself. I thought well, sure you can but, you could be in the process of cutting and the entire tree could fall on the house crushing the living room or better yet, you could fall 50 feet to your death. Is it a male thing to think such absurdities? At this point, we are waiting for more contractors to come over for an estimate. Last I heard, I was going to be picking the tile and counter tops for the kitchen (which I did) but, he is not sure about the counter top I have chosen??? And they say women have issues...GEEZ!!!

ADDENDUM: It has come to my attention that the above information may NOT be entirely accurate. Someone, and I will not name names, has told me that he did NOT ever say that he could remove the trees by himself. He really did say that and we all know who is right here but, apparently there was no evidence that he did say those words (although he did). He never had any intention of cutting the trees down on his own so, I am not sure why he said that he could. Just wanting to be clear here, people.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 2 of H-E- double hockey sticks!!!

So far I have run two days and I hate every minute of it. Not for the reasons you might think though. Yes, I am totally sucking wind the entire time and yes, I am secretly thinking that I could shove my lovely running partner (who is WAY too cheerful at 6:00 AM) into oncoming traffic but, these are not the reasons. I hate it because I now know that it does feel good when I am done and I have to admit that (Lord, help me) my super hot husband is right!!! Please, don't ever repeat those words to him. He would NEVER say "I told you so" or even think it for that matter. If the roles were reversed, (insert best Palin impression here) you betcha, I would be thinking it, fo sho!!! He is so supportive and excited about this new endeavor. He has even suggested that he could train with me and compete in the tri as well. Initially, I thought this would be fun but upon reflection, I am not so sure. If he is running with me, then I may envision pushing him into oncoming traffic and then my babies wouldn't have a daddy!!! That would just be sad.

Monday, October 6, 2008

See What Happens When I Drink?

It has come to my attention that while a friend of mine and I were finishing off a bottle of Patron on our night away that I made a promise to her. Apparently, in my drunken stuper I thought it would be a great idea to get up an hour early to run with her two days a week.  While it doesn't sound like such a big deal, it really is to me.  I have long thought that I would like to train for a triathalon in my near future but, my near future was more...well, in the distant future.  Have I ever explained that the only thing I hate more than mornings is running?  So, here we have two of my most hated things put together and really no good can come of this idea. We have agreed that there will be no talking during the run and that taking breaks from running is a good thing. Lord, help me!!!

Tomorrow I begin my quest to start training for this f'in triathalon.  My super hot husband keeps reminding me to stay positive about it and that I may really like it. FYI - As I was typing that last sentence I was making a mocking and childish face at him.  Is it bad when he says this to me I envision kicking him so hard in the shin all the while with a smile on my face? I think I can find the positive in that. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not Too Old Yet

I've got nothin' tonight.  I sat down at the computer and just stared at it hoping something would come but, NADA!!!  Trying to even think about something entertaining that has happened recently and I can't.  

I spent my first night away from the super hot husband and kids in a long time.  My friend and I spent one night at a cabin up in the mountains.  All I was interested in on the over night adventure was not attending to anyone else but ME!!  I told her that I would not be making any grilled cheese sandwiches, holding her if she cried, and I was not wiping any part of anyone else's body.  It was GREAT!!!  We spent way too much time at the bar and even had a hangover the next day.  

I have come to the conclusion that I am getting old.  Gone are the days of staying out until the wee hours of the morning and getting up early the next day.  I was completely out of commission for at least 2 days.  Sad but, true.  I watch SNL and I love the skits from the cougar know the one where there are a bunch of older women that are scheming to find a young man???  Sadly, I think I am one of them without the scheming to find a young man as I have my super hot hubby.  I think I am depressed now...