Monday, September 1, 2008

My "acquired" things

I was thinking yesterday about how much I hate the car I drive.  While I like the fact that I don't have a car payment...I hate the fact that I am overcome by the smell of feet every time I open the door.  I am telling you about this since this truck is something that I  "acquired" in my marriage to my wonderful husband who apparently had a stinky feet problem at one time.  You see, this truck was purchased by him back in 1997 long before we were married.  He drove it every day until we had children.  At that point, we thought it would be a good idea to trade in my super cute Jeep Wrangler for a more "family oriented" car.  Now that he is a stay at home daddy (which I find super hot BTW), he gets to drive the family mobile and I am stuck driving the car that I loathe.   I was driving the other day and the gear shift knob (who in the heck buys a stick shift anymore)  came off mid shift and almost flew through the back window.  I believe this is a hazard and told my husband this. He tells me and I quote: "you just need to put a piece of paper in there to make is stick on top."  WHAT??? when I am sticking paper in the gear shift knob, it is time to get a new car. 

We recently had some mechanical problems with the smelly truck and I was thinking my dream was coming true.  I was finally going to get rid of that thing and get something more new and less stinky.  To my surprise, our mechanic (who is dead to me now) told us that we could fix it for a mere 1,000 buck-a-roos!!!  Of course, my husband thought this was a great idea.  After a LONG conversation with the mechanic we decided to bend over and pay the money.   I think I cried at some point and when I picked it up I told the mechanic that if he saw that truck again for whatever reason he is to say "wow, you really need to dump that thing and get a new ride."  

My whole point is...well, not sure but I know that others have "acquired" things in relationships.  Lazy-Boy chairs, pets, cars, etc...boys are silly that way.   

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husband said...

I love you and your stinky truck.