Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Iphone Nazi

Have you ever wanted anything so badly it ached in your gut?  Just thinking about it makes me a giddy school girl.  I am in desperate need of an iphone these days.  My wonderful, darling, and super hot (if he is reading this post he can be described like that...otherwise he is a big meanie poo poo head) husband keeps telling me no that I don't NEED the iphone.  Really there are very few things in life that we NEED.  Food, water, shelter, iphone, etc.  Did I say Iphone??  I have talked to him about it like a rational wife (is that an oxymoron?), I have begged, I have pleaded, I have tried everything to no avail.  He is, in fact, the Iphone Nazi.  I have pointed out the fact that it has a GPS on it that he could use so that he never would get lost.  I really thought this would sell him but, he responded with "I never get lost."  I laughed so hard (not out loud, of course because I want an iphone) at that thought.  I am beginning to get ready to play some hard ball now.  I have offered 30 days, yes I said 30, of know?  Everyday...30 days!!!  Lord help me, what is wrong with me?  I realized after offering this "service" that the Iphone can be bought for a mere $199 so, that would make me pretty cheap.  I must say, I was  happy that he said no to that deal but, I think now I should be offended.  

My latest tactic involves what I am willing to give up in order to have my little slice of heaven in my hand.  He told me that if I gave up caffeine (oh dear), chocolate (oh my) and ice cream (is he CRAZY???), then I could have it.  Give it up...cold turkey and he is serious.  While I think I can do this, I secretly feel sorry for him.  Can you imagine any wife without caffeine, chocolate, and ice cream?  I don't think he thought this all the way through.  

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