Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yes, I have returned after 11 days of vacationing with the family. Awesome trip but, REALLY glad to be home. In the past 11 days I have: lived off the grid, spent an obscene amount of time with my in laws extended family and loved it, and lived out of a suitcase. The kids had a fantastic time getting dirty and staying up late giggling with their cousins. I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed the "off the grid" life. I didn't shower for a few days...4 to be exact but, who was counting. I considered the kids somewhat clean if they came in contact with water of some sort throughout the day (ocean even counted) and we experimented with hairstyles to hide the dirt...ponytails and braids were a big hit.

I was a bit taken back when we arrived since I thought that we would be completely away from anything and everything. I envisioned fetching water (which the guys did), bathroom in a pit type thing, and heating water over an open flame. Much to my surprise...we had drinking water that did not involve filtering but, it did involve fetching and we had a bathroom with a flush toilet but, it was prefaced by the saying of "if it's yellow let it mellow..." ( I was happy to have some sort of plumbing so who cares) and we were able to cook via gas stove top.

We spent days jumping from the pier, playing board games and running a muck and nights catching fireflies and chatting by the moonlight. We came home with so many bug bites it is amazing we have any blood left inside our bodies and the desire to return in the future. It was AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am unplugging for a bit and I am quite nervous about it. What will I do? I have no idea...but, feel like it is necessary to do...for now. What does unplugging mean, you ask? Well, I will not be checking e-mails, the good book, blogs...NADA!!! I KNOW...CRAZY..right? Yes, totally crazy but, in all honesty I am doing this more because of the fact that I don't want to be tied to a computer for the summer. Actually to be TOTALLY honest, we are headed out of town with limited internet service and sometimes even limited electricity and indoor plumbing...OMG...not sure which one of those stresses me out more. So, rather then have you all wondering where I went (as I know you would...right? RIGHT??? OMG....RIGHT???), I will return in about 13 days and a few odd hours...wish me luck. We will see how long it is before I head to an internet cafe to get me some "face time" with the good book. I am betting on 3 days before I start twitching....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet Smell of Summer (or maybe it is beer...I'm not sure)

It is finally here...the day we have been counting down to for 185 days. Today was the last day of school. Bittersweet for me since I am moving schools yet AGAIN. Hoping that I have finally found a home for my belongings...I don't like being the counseling foster child so keeping my fingers crossed that the next site is one I can stay at forever and ever and ever...well, until I die...or retire...whatever. I am thrilled that I no longer will be working with "CRAZY counselor" anymore. Seriously, she was/is crazy beyond belief. Why is it that counselors are crazy? Let's answer that question another time...k?

Working at a high school brought me lots of joy and sorrows (ie crazy counselor). The kids were wonderful and most were mature and some were stoned throughout their entire senior year. What student in their right mind gets high in the staff bathroom? I think I just answered my own question so let's move on. I was able to reconnect with students that I knew when they were in 3rd grade and now they are graduating...sniff sniff. I was able to partake in their graduation ceremony (which was awesome since they sang a Whitesnake song..."Here I go again on my own...going down the only road I've ever know...like a drifter I was born to walk alone"...sigh), take pictures of the kids, and give them hugs right before they got their diploma. Only 5 of the kids that I knew back in the day, graduated...now, some were at different schools, some moved away and sadly some dropped out. 5 out of 40? Not a very good statistic. I will say this though...the district I work in is HUGE and kids have many options of high schools to attend. We also have a high transient population with families and kids moving several times. So foreign to me since the majority of the kids I went to grade school with went on to graduate from the one high school in my district. No...wait...6...there were 6 of the original crew...PHEW. 6 out of 40. I feel much better now. Celebrate the successes....otherwise I go crazy...HEY...maybe that is what happened with the "crazy counselor" lady?

Congratulations to the class of 2010!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crazy is as Crazy does....

Crazy is following me these days. I, often times, stop myself mid conversations when I reference other people's insanity, to figure out if it is really me that is crazy or if my thoughts are in fact true...I attract crazy behavior like a moth to a flame. I work with crazy...I live with crazy...I was raised by crazy...I am friends with crazy. Now, all of you reading this are thinking... "Hey I raised her....is she thinking I am crazy?" Yes, mom...you are crazy but, in a good way, k? And no, I am not in the trunk of someone's car nor have I been kidnapped. OR "Hey, I hang out with her, is she talking about me being crazy" SEE? This is what I think ALL.THE.TIME. Maybe it is me....I have no idea but, the crazy adds spice to my life. I do NOT like the crazy at work though...she really IS crazy and I don't mean crazy in a nice and funny way. She talks to herself, she says I am texting in meetings even though I don't have my phone with me, she says I talk too loud (I will give her that one) and she hates me for no reason. I mean NO REASON AT ALL. I am likable, I am sweet, I am funny and all that crap...what is not to like (aside from me being loud)? Glad the year is almost over so I can meet new crazy people.