Thursday, June 25, 2009

I wii, you wii, we all wii for wii ski!!

I needed at least 24 hours to decompress from the whirlwind trip that we went on.  Every year as we plan this trip, super hot hubby and I always think, "OMG...staying for a week is waaayyy too long. We should stay for a shorter amount of time so we don't hurt anyone."  At any rate, we stay for a week and hope for the best.  

One of the things that I LOVE about being down in LA is not what you would expect. Being around my lovely family for 168 hours straight?  NO.  The weather?  NO.  The beautiful (polluted) beaches? NO.  My wonderful, beautiful, skinny, smart and did I say wonderful, sister that has every cable channel AND a wii gaming system.  Yep, that's it!!!  Don't even get me started on the shows I found on the cable channels that we don't get at our house.  For instance, "I didn't know I was pregnant" is an entire season of shows about people who deliver their full term babies and claim they didn't know they were pregnant.  How can this be?  I was fascinated (by fascinated I mean judgmental) by this concept.  Come on now people, protruding belly, missed monthly blessings, eating a pickle every hour on the hour, gaining 70 lbs., throwing up in your boot every morning, etc. and each time they would show the new mommy sitting there saying "I didn't have the normal symptoms."  WHAT?? Yes, you did.  OMG...people are ridiculous. 

My darling, lovely, skinny, smart and beautiful sister has a wii and for this I would give her my kidney if necessary.  We do not own any type of gaming system and this is the sweet mother of all gaming systems.  Super hot hubby and I found ourselves gorging on wii morning, noon, and night.  He challenged me to the wii ski and it was game on!!!  The entire game is about jumps, slalom courses, moguls and such but, to me it was all about going full speed down the hill and barreling his poor little mii (Chuy with a giant fro) over.  It was hysterical.  The absolute, hands down best thing that happened with the wii was my mom tried to play the wii ski.  OMG...she was a spaz and a loud spaz to boot.  At one point, she was going over a jump and she flung the numchuck over her head and hit herself in the face with the cord.  She totally made the jump though.   The kids kept asking us to take them to the park,  to read to them, to get them food but, we were busy!!! 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's day

The girls and I woke up early this morning to get things moving for our fathers day extravaganza.  Actually, it was just family coming over and was going to be low key but, I tend to make things into an extravaganza no matter what.  I had talked to the girls about making a card for daddy for fathers day and usually they love doing these kinds of things.  My youngest responded with "I already made him a card a while ago so, I don't want to" but, my oldest was up for the task.  She spent painstaking hours (minutes actually but to a 7 year old...HOURS) finding the right colors and drawing the right pictures so that he would love it so much he would take her to Disneyland.  After she finished, she threw it in my direction and said "here".  I was totally feelin' the love.  As I looked at it, I noticed that rather than saying Happy Fathers Day, it said "Happy Farther's Day" on the outside AND on the inside.  I didn't have the heart to tell her and think it is rather appropriate if you ask me.  So, Happy Farther's Day to all the gentlemen out deserve one special day that is just for you....JUST ONE!! 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Those were the days.

We have made it to the beautiful beaches of Southern California and all of us are in one piece.  Shocking, I think.  We were driving through the Mojave Desert looking at tumbleweeds and Joshua Trees when I turned to super hot hubby and said "Hey, the next gas station you see, can you stop? I don't have to go really bad yet but, clearly, there isn't a lot around and you are driving as fast as I can walk so this could take a while."  As my bladder is filling to maximum capacity, he passes not one but, TWO gas stations in the freakin middle of no where.  By this time, I am literally dying and had I been in the old stinky truck I would have just gone on the seat or on the floor but, since I was in the new shiny, pretty truck...I couldn't do that.  What are the odds that I could pee in a water bottle with a fairly small opening?  I am thinkin', not so good.  When we finally find a gas station, I literally run to the restroom...bowling down anyone that could be in my way.  

We have spent the last few days visiting with my family and friends.  Last night, we went over to Skinny Bitches house and hung out with Slab (another high school friend).  The three of us, talked the entire time...I mean the ENTIRE TIME!!!  Every once in a while, the hubby's would interrupt us and we tell them their services were needed outside for the BBQ, kids, or something.  Even though 20 years has passed since those dreadful yet fun times,  it was as if we didn't miss a beat.  Each of us has kids and husbands, yet I still think of SB and Slab as 17 year old high school girls.  I think about the times we spent at the River, the prom, the parties, the beach, sneaking off campus at lunch time, ditching classes (Mom, I mean only when I was sick and with your permission....I NEVER ditched classes),  etc. etc.  As we were reminiscing, we started sentences with "remember when..." and "Oh my god, do you remember..."  I had this thought last night as I was sitting there enjoying the company, relaxing around the fire with a beer and one of Slabs kids came up to her and was calling her mommy...."Why is this kids calling her mommy?"  I don't see them this way and I probably never will.  We will always be 17 in my if I can get my 23 year old body back...we would be in business.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Road Trip

I am certain I have posted before about road trips with the family.  I love the idea of them but, put in motion they pretty much suck.  I have spent the day before leaving for our journey, away from the house so that super hot hubby can pack, repack and repack to get the luggage, food, hiking boots, bikes, toiletries, lists upon lists, napkins, kitchen sink, etc. just so.  

One of the most endearing features when it comes to super hot hubby and road trips is he is highly organized.  One hour into the trip I can ask him, "hey super hot hubby, where is the magnetic Othello game?"  And his response will be "in the seat back pocket behind the cd's, toilet paper and gum."  Now, one of the most annoying features about super hot hubby and road trips is he is highly organized.   He places maps in order that we may need them in the door pocket, he never forgets anything and if anything is forgotten it is something he asked me to bring and I forgot.  I can guarantee, he has the gas tank full, water bottles filled and in the car, and cd's burned and ready to go right now and we aren't leaving for another 10 hours.  When will we be able to stop for my Marbucks donut, venti coffee with room for cream, super big gulp, Skittles and gum when he has covered all the bases???  

Wish me luck...well, all of us because things could really go bad on a road trip for anyone who whines, cries, wants to watch the same movie over and over again, asks for 12 pieces of gum, wants me to read to the point that I am sick, drops everything under the seat, has to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, etc.  Again, road trips look great on paper but, put in motion...someone could end up in jail.  

PS...we are going to be seeing my mother soon so I am sure I will have many great stories about this trip...stay tuned!!! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You All Passed but, No One Got an A+

While I LOVED all of your answers to the pop quiz that I proposed, no one hit the nail on the head.  I enjoyed all the comments...especially the one by Domestically Challenged stating that my daughter was just thinking about picking her nose and the comment made by mika about the "and stuff" that others touched throughout the day.  I liked the one by Grannie too as I thought maybe she had me on some hidden camera where she was able to see my sweet, adorable, darling daughter playing in the dirt, doing cartwheels, playing with dogs until she stated that I asked nicely....then I knew I wasn't on some hidden camera and I could go back to scratching my ass and pulling out my undies.  Oh I am just kidding, I don't ever do that.  

I know you are on the edge of your seat wondering what the response by my daughter without further ado:

Question:  "If I don't pick my nose and stuff, do I have to wash my hands before dinner?"  

Answer:  "Well, when was the last time you washed your hands?"  See sometimes you have to probe a little bit further to get to the truth.

Her Answer:  "Ummm, it was about 7 hours ago." 

My Answer:  "Then yes, you must wash your hands."

Her Answer:  Giant tantrum that ended after dinner was over which led to another tantrum because she had to eat by herself at the table.  

Ahhhhh, life is good!! 

Good job and thank you to all who participated in my pop quiz!!! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Pop Quiz

With the last day of school closing in quickly, I have to keep all my ridiculous stories locked up in my brain for a few more days.  I just don't have the time or energy to sit down and do the long post that I need to do.  So, instead...I am testing you all, my fabulous followers.  Anyone who gets the answer right to this one question, I will do something for.  Not sure what but, something.  A link to my post?? Oh wait, I have 28 followers (that I LOVE),  the possibility of a guest post on my blog?? Might be too much pressure to guest post and keep up on your own post.  Well, I will think of something.  So, here is the question...

What is the appropriate response to this question? All answers are welcome and encouraged.  Ask around, check it out, get other people to leave me comments, talk to friends, talk to your pets, research, whatever you need to do.  Leave a comment as many times as you like but, just know that this question was presented to me by my 4 year old daughter.  Here we go...

"Mommy, if I don't pick my nose and stuff, do I have to wash my hands before dinner?" 

So, there you have would you respond to that question?  The "and stuff" part kinda frightened me and don't even want to know what "and stuff" could mean.  I am betting (and I am totally a betting gal) on the fact a mom may get this one.