Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Only At My School

I hesitate to post this story only because I work in education and sometimes it is sad to me how uneducated our children are. I had to sit with this one for a few days, let it simmer, before I could really understand exactly what this story was about. Last week, a teacher came to me to talk about the "drama" that occurs in her classroom on a regular basis. 6th grade kids, DRAMA!!! She takes an obscene amount of time sorting through all the details of the drama only to find out it was, in fact, a misunderstanding...SHOCKING!!!

This story involves two young men one smart (and on the husky side) and one...well, not so smart (string bean thin). The smart boy came to his teacher complaining that the not so smart boy was "sexually harassing" him. Most kids in our school would not even understand what that meant but, this boy would. The teacher very patiently tried to get to the bottom of this story and quickly as she had a class full of kids waiting for her to teach them math. He proceeded to tell her that the boy had said he was a girl because he didn't have a "ding dong". Confused, the teacher asked him to back up and tell her exactly what happened and had the other boy come over to listen. After he told the story again the same way...it came clear to Mrs. Teacher that the boys were not talking about the same thing. You see, string bean boy said that the husky boy "did not NEED a ding dong". Here stood Mrs. Teacher in a pickle. Knowing now that he was NOT making sexual comments towards him at all but, was basically calling him fat. What to do? Tell a kid "Well, sweet boy of our future, he was not calling you a girl...he was calling you a big fatty boomba latty." Hope that makes it better. Truth be told...he really didn't NEED the Ding Dong.

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