Friday, September 12, 2008

A little history

After reading through the prior blogs, one might wonder...what has happened to this poor girl in her life? Why is she so obsessive, crazy, insert whatever adjective you would like here? Once you meet my mom, you can understand in a few minutes. I LOVE my mom, don't get me wrong but, growing up with her was...interesting. As an adult, I find her thought process pretty comical.

You see, I live 7 hours from my dear, sweet, mom and one day I received a pretty frantic phone call on my answering machine (actually she called more than once but, I don't want her to sound crazy). She was demanding that I call her right away. DEMANDING!!! She sounded very stressed on the phone so, I figured something had happened to someone in my family. I immediately call her...frantic and needing to know how drastically my life would be changing in that moment.

She answers the phone on the first ring and almost burst into tears when she hears my voice. She tells me how thankful she is that I am alive?? I was so confused. She begins to tell me that she received a hang up call that sounded like it was from a cell phone. She KNEW that I had been kidnapped and was stuffed in the trunk of someones car. I was trying to follow this story the best I could. She was talking so fast and could hardly understand her through the hysterics. It was as if her mouth couldn't keep up with her brain at this point. She continued to tell me that she did not want to call me back on the cell phone for fear it would alert the kidnappers and then they would most certainly kill me!!! Why, on earth, if I had been kidnapped and was stuffed in the trunk of someones car would I call my mommy that is 7 hours away??? Why, on earth, would my mom being saying these words out loud for others to hear?? How, on earth, did I turn out so normal??? So many more stories like little time!!!

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