Thursday, September 4, 2008

Looking for suggestions here...

I find it fascinating how I can pull people into my craziness and my obsession about an Iphone. I appreciate the help on figuring out a way for me to get it but, I want to be clear here...IT IS MINE SO, STEP OFF!!!  I have not got the little slice of hand held heaven yet but, I am working on it everyday.  I feel as though I am getting closer.  He has told me to find out EXACTLY how much it is including the monthly contract and we will see if it would work.  Oh, it WILL work, I promise you that.  He is wearing down,  I can sense it.

I was talking to a colleague (and I use that term loosely) about the Iphone and what I could say to make it a necessity in my husbands eyes.  Said colleague thought I might want to go down the safety route and discuss how important it is for me to have a Iphone just in case.  In case...what?  A broken down car?  My husband would say "someone would stop and let you use their cell phone."  A natural disaster?  His response..."would it really matter at that point."  What if I was close to certain death and the only thing I wanted to do was to tell my husband one last time that I loved him?  His response..."I already know you love me so, I don't think we need it."   If that is the case, I will haunt him from the other side.