Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Humor

I have decided that I do, in fact, have the humor of a 4th grade boy.  I find myself laughing hysterically in the middle of any staff meeting at my school as my male principal begins talking about the state of the play ground balls.  I, of course, cannot hide the fact that I am ridiculously immature when he says "We really need new balls, the upper graders just can't play with their balls since they are too lumpy." There is one other teacher there that has the same sense of humor and if we make any kind of eye contact we will both need to leave the room.  If he ever says that he would like to purchase blue balls...I will die!!!  

As the counselor of my school, I have many job requirements and duties.  I am the chief negotiator between angry parents and staff, copy maker, courier, taxi cab, caterer, ice getter, phone answerer, official photographer, counselor, dancer, singer, boo boo fixer, lice checker, and too many more to list.  One of the duties that I have had the honor to do these last few years is I have to teach Family Life to a group of upper grade kids.  I am not sure where the family life curriculum comes into the counseling part of my job but, I do it anyway.  This year, I am teaching the 4th grade boys and all they want to know about is poop and farts.  They ask questions like "Why do farts smell?" "Why do they make noise?"  " If I fart on a match will it really make a fire ball?" and "Why is my poop green?"  With my humor, none of these questions are a good match.  I must remain serious and with a straight face tell them that their poop is green because...well, it was probably something you ate...WTH did you eat?  Yes, your fart will catch on fire since it is gas so don't light a fireball (too close anyway). Your farts smell because it is gross gas, and it makes noise because...this one kills me. How do you answer this question with a straight face?   


Counselormama said...

How on earth did you get stuck with the upper grade boys? Ugh, we don't even do this at our school. If you are not secretly wanting to laugh when hearing about the problem with the balls, then I'm sorry, but you have lost your sense of humor! That is too funny!

BlogBaby said...

Let's face it there is NO WAY to answer any of those questions without least on the inside. I think you will need to master this if you will continuously be sujected to discussions about Poop, Farts and even Balls (anatomical or otherwise).

For the record, my likey your sense of humour. ;)


3 Bay B Chicks said...

These are the types of posts from you that I adore. A bit of insight into the very funny human being that you are. It fits perfectly with the image I have of you in my head and the way you will undoubtedly make me laugh when we meet for margaritas at Chevy's someday.


TrueLoveIsaMama said...

I love questions from school kids, they are so random. When I was a Sped Teacher, I would talk to the Gen. Ed classes about disability and they could ask me any question, and boy oh boy I got some real doozies, that I always shared with my staff and then laughed hysterically about!

Jane Anne said...

Let's see, the 1st part of your post: you have the same sense of humor as my husband! I have learned to appreciate that and laugh along.
The 2nd part: I don't know how anyone could keep a straight face answering those questions!

Ann said...

I'm following you from Beautiful! Fabulous!
I must have the same 'grade' of humor. Everything you've said makes me laugh!
(If you have the time I'm holding my weekly Virtual Girls Night Out. It's a fun way to meet other bloggers and have us visit your site as well. Come over if you can!)
Ann Again... and again

Debbie said...

I have that same level of humor. Well, mine may even be year or two younger!