Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ahhh, an adult evening.

I took the advice of counselormama and decided it was time to have an evening away from the, I mean an evening for them to enjoy with their cousins.  I would love to tell you that my super hot hubby had some great evening planned for me. One where I could slip into my jeans that fit just right and head out for a wonderful evening filled with conversation and laughter.  Let's be real, I spent the evening in my pj's, with slippers I might add, my contacts came out of my eyes early, and we ate dinner in the living room. Not at the table by candlelight but, on the floor no less of the living room.  We watched a god awful movie that really freaked me out and depressed me.  The second I saw it was in subtitles, I knew I was in trouble.  Why couldn't it just be a "chick flick", one that the guy realizes his mistakes and he comes back to the girl of his dreams?  WHY???  All of this is ok with me though.  You see, it is not the night that the kids are gone that I is the morning.  It is waking up in my own bed without a foot up my nose or scrunched over on a sliver of the bed or the smell of pee pee in my face at 5:30 am because the pull up is wet again.  All of these things were absent for just one morning.  It was pure bliss. 


Willow Tree said...

I'm so happy for you! It really helps the long haul of motherhood to have mini-vacations like that. And ooohh, the morning bit sounds close to heaven, lol! Next time you get to pick the movie though! :o)

Blessings, Carolynn

Counselormama said...

The morning silence is like a gift from the gods!

Chris Bowers said...

I can relate.