Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love-Hate relationships

We all have them...just admit it.  You will feel better when you do. I have several things that I love one minute and then can't stand another minute.  For example, ah hem, self check out at the grocery store. 

On a recent outing to the local grocery store to get some staples for the family...bread, fresh fruit, veggies and milk (right...what I meant to say is ice cream, Butterfingers and beer...lots and lots of beer), I decided to use the self check out.  I stood in line...waiting, since two of the four machines were not working. The person in front of me that looked to be about 50 years old was carded for buying wine.  He also decided to pay in all one dollar bills.  He would put them in one at a time and some would get spit back out...ya, you know this moment?  

I finally got up to the machine and there were "unexpected items" in the bagging area. Once I figured out that the item was apparently a ghost, I was ready to roll.   Of course, my little buggers are with me and wanting to get all over the self check out machine. Wanting to scan and push the buttons. Were these the "unexpected items" that the machine was so lovingly referring to? I think not.  Every time we scanned something, an item was removed from the bagging area and I had to figure out which one it was and put it back on the bagging area.  A line had begun to form with glaring eyes staring me down.  I was not afraid, I was quite certain I could take the angry mob or at least run faster than them.  When I was done paying, cursing, screaming, crying, laughing...I realized that I was not carded for the beer.  I was sad since the 50 year old man in front of me that was so clearly over 21, had to whip out his i.d.  All I needed at that moment, was a little bit of lying...I would have taken pity even. "Excuse me Miss, I am quite certain that you are over 21 but, I just need to check anyone's i.d. that does not appear to be over 30."  I would respond with a coy smile and a "really?  I am over 30 but, ok, if you must"  This is the hate part of the relationship.  I so feel the love when I go in by myself and can get a few things and get out of there so fast I even amaze myself. That is the you feel it?


Debbie said...

I love those self-scan things - when they work. Some days, just like me, they are useless. And I am with you on the getting carded. Makes me feel so good, although I know I look even older than I am!

TrueLoveIsaMama said...

I love getting carded! I feel my face go into an instant frown the moment a bartender or waiter hands me my wine without question. It makes me think I need to rush out and purchase more miracle cream!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I wouldn't mind getting carded again either... or maybe a little flirting from the sexy little shop boy ;-)