Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Long Drive

I know, I know...It has been so long since my last post and I am quite certain my fan base is waiting on pins and needles wondering what has happened to me.  So much has happened I cannot put it in one post so I have decided to break it up into several fun filled little nuggets of joy and laughter at my own expense.   Just know that I have had an "incident" with some birds and another mom story that will knock your socks off.  

This last week was Thanksgiving, a great holiday with lots of food, family and fun.  We decided to take a trip to visit my family 425 miles away and for some reason we decided it would be a fantastic idea to do a road trip.  It is one of those things that sounds great at the time but, put the plan in motion and you envision yourself dying a slow and torturous death.  We drove those 425 miles with the two kids in the back seat and my super hot hubby at the wheel.  I had forgotten that he refuses, adamantly refuses, to drive over 65 mph due to fuel efficiency.  I jokingly said half way through the drive that I should take a picture of every car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, unicycle, snail, etc that passed us up on this trip.  I quickly realized that would take up all the memory in my camera as there must have been a gazillion!!!  This was not bugging me too much until the kids starting getting restless and we were passed by an GIANT RV with a motorized scooter on the back (you know, the kind that has commercials of old people when they can't get around as well anymore?).   I had had enough when that occurred.  I was explaining and begging and pleading and crying and shouting that the gas pedal was on the right in case he was confused.  I felt like someone was running over me with the very car I was riding in...only they were actually going to speed limit of 70 MPH!!!!  OUCH!! Those extra 5 mph really pack a punch.  

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