Monday, December 29, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

I have gone back to the original design on my blog since I agree with ThreeBayBchicks that it just did not fit me.  I am NOT flowery and fluffy like I was portraying myself to be.  I can't even find a picture to post for gods sake, let alone take on a blog makeover!!!! Maybe I need a show like Extreme Makeover for blogs?  Someone can just send me away (away on a trip, not from my computer) and they can completely redo my blog to fit me.  

The best part about this blog for me is the fact that people are reading it that don't even know me.  I am quite sure you all have in your mind what I look like, talk like, act like and such but, just aren't quite sure.  Just for the record, I am tall, thin (with a sleek like athletic build), beautiful skin, gorgeous hair, eyebrows to kill for, hot in jeans of any kind, I do NOT have a muffin top even after having two kids and I don't even have to wear make-up of any kind.  I just look that way naturally.  Can you believe it?  Just so you know, I have been told that I write this blog the way I talk (which scares me because I never say YIKES or m'kay) but, I do have a sarcastic "tone" to most of my language.  The hardest part is finding a picture... not just any picture but, the right picture.  I am working on it, please be patient. 


3 Bay B Chicks said...

I hope my honesty re your blog design did not destroy our blog friendship. I am never sure just what an acceptable level of "honesty" is here in blogland, but since I like ya so much, I thought it might be OK to proceed.

Thanks for your description of yourself. It will sustain me indefinitely. Also, no pressure re your profile. It was mostly in good fun!

So I decided to up the stakes a bit today and tagged you on our blog. Play along if you like:

I know that neither of us "love" the New Year, but it might still be fun.


Lorie said...

I hope you find a blog design that you like! And I am a true believer in less is more!

Counselormama said...

lol! Good luck on your blog background search!