Monday, December 22, 2008

American Girl

For any of you out there that have darling little girls, I am quite certain that you know of the "secret" world that exists in my life.  We have two new additions to our house as of last Christmas...Julie and Ivy and they are American Girl Dolls.  I love them, maybe even a little bit more than my kids do.  They are freakin awesome and I really want one for myself (Kit Kittridge to be exact if anyone is interested in a last minute gift).  I was never one as a little girl to play with dolls, barbies, or anything girly for that matter.  My sister was VERY into Barbie and anytime she would allow me to play with her I had to be Ken or Skipper or Tiffany...never Barbie.   I am so over that though after many years of therapy and drinking.  

I find myself playing with these dolls with the girls (or after they go to bed by myself, shhhh).  What I find so amazing is that they have a 4 giant stores that you can go to and it is like Disneyland for dolls.  There is a salon, a cafe where you can eat with your doll, a hospital for all your doll "emergencies", a photo studio and every doll has their own room.  I am totally serious too.   Each doll has their own story and comes with a book (I know, very educational, right?).   Anything you want for a doll, you can find for Julie and Ivy.   Outfits, accessories, pets, skis (skis?), a concession stand, pom poms, anything...why didn't I think of this idea?  I would be rich!!!  I have been told that more money is spent for one of these dolls than most people spend on their heart medication and the sad part is, that is probably true.  


Counselormama said...

My sister was very into Barbie, too! I played along, but not very enthusiastically. Why don't you just buy one for yourself for "collector purposes"? That is sad about how much is spent on fake people, when so many real ones need help!

Willow Tree said...

They just opend an AG store at the Mall of America; it's a big deal! My daughter has the Bitty Baby; when she gets old enough for one of the big girls we're going to have a girls weekend in Chicago. Um, yeah, been planning that since before she was born. I'm with you, I want one of my own, LOL.

Blessings, Carolynn