Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The irony of a shirt

I had this shirt from my past that I could NEVER get rid of.  I don't know why I continued to hold on to this shirt.  I got it from a guy that I dated in high school  (using the term dated loosely).  We had one great summer and I had very fond memories of that time.  Just loved the way I felt about that summer. So many changes about to happen in my life and that shirt was the only thing that I still had (besides yearbooks and such) from those years in my life.  The shirt made it through thousands of washes, a gazillion moves, failed relationships,  friendships, and all that 20 years can encapsulate. When I would move or clean out closets...I would find that shirt and stare at it for a few minutes.  I could not understand why I would continue to put the shirt in the "keepers" pile when it said "We were Great in '88".  I just could not throw it away.  So, I would always fold the shirt back up and put in the back of the drawer to wait for the next move or cleaning day.  

When we scraped the ceilings, I did a MAJOR clean out and got rid of LOTS of clothes.  I finally threw away the jeans that I could only dream about wearing again, a mini skirt that was missing a button (I threw that away because of the "mini" issue not the button), shirts that I would never wear, you get the point.  I remember coming across the "Great in 88" shirt again and putting it in the keeper pile...or so I thought.  Now, someone from the Goodwill has come and picked up the six giant bags of clothes and hauled them away.  Two days after this happens, I have reconnected with this guy from my past and I begin the search for the shirt that I have held onto all these years.  Only now, I cannot find it.  I believe the shirt has ended up in one of those six bags.  Now, I am searching around for any homeless man or woman that may be wearing a Great in 88 shirt. 

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