Monday, December 15, 2008


I am trying to think of a clever and fun profile picture for my blog and I cannot come up with anything.  Rarely am I at a loss for words but, this time it is true.  I am wishing I HAD taken a picture of my youngest daughters butt print on the mirror as that would have been great!!  Any suggestions...send them my way, k?

Now, it has come to my attention that my lovely mother has now, in fact, decorated her golf cart.  Yes, re read that last sentence and tell me she is NOT crazy.  She has it all pimped out for the holidays complete with a wreath and garland.  She is looking for lights that she can put on it too!!!  I told her that she needed to get one of those police sirens that she can pull out and pop on top of her car as she is chasing all the criminals down Main St.  Just close your eyes for one second and picture this scene.  A completely tricked out golf cart with a siren speeding (25 MPH) down the scary streets of a small beach community in hot pursuit of a common thug.  COMICAL!!!  The best part about telling you all these stories is that she is reading them and wants so desperately to leave a comment but, she can't figure out how to do it.  Mom, get in your pimp mobile and go down to the local Starbucks with your laptop and have one of the barista's (those are the people making your frappachino Mom) help you....Please we are waiting patiently to hear from you.  


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Yes! You really do need some type of profile. I am dying to get a peek into who you are and how you know Counselormama.

You got good stuff here, lady. I added you to my daily reading list.


TrueLoveIsaMama said...

This sounds like a very funny Seinfeld episode, in Del Boca Vista.

DerumSR said...

Maybe your band pic?

Counselormama said...

All she needs are some spinner rims and she will be set! Does your mom wear the ornament earrings to complete the picture?