Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hold 'em Tighter

We are officially moved out of our house and the ceiling project has begun. It is amazing how much crap...I mean treasures you have after living somewhere for almost 10 years. Really this is the first time we have moved everything, cleaned, got rid of stuff, etc. We now think that it would be so great to paint before we move everything back in. Sounds GREAT but, what we have failed to see is that painting takes an obscene amount of time to do with the taping, drop cloths, rollers, clean up, etc. So, I think we have decided to just do touch ups on the major parts and we are not changing colors of any of the rooms at this point.

Last Friday, I had a horrible thing happen on my way home from the store. I had both kids with me in the car driving back after getting ice cream. I saw a car hit what I thought was a cat but, it turned out to be a kid. Mayhem ensued as the men that hit the little guy actually knew him and they were really freaking out. I stopped the car and the girls stayed inside while I went out to see if I could help. This poor little boy is 7 and he was so scared that he was going to die. He kept saying over and over again..."I don't want to die!!!" He actually was quite lucky because the only thing I could see wrong with him was a broken arm and his hand was pretty mangled (as if it had been run over or trapped under the tire). As for internally, I have no idea. Seeing this whole scene unfold right before my eyes made me think about my beautiful children and how precious they are to me and those who know them. While they may drive me crazy sometimes, they are sweet, delightful, smart, healthy, whole and wonderful. I couldn't ask for two better kids. So today, I hold them a little tighter, I kiss them a little sweeter, I look into their eyes a little longer because you never know what life is going to bring. Why not enjoy what is right in front of you.

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