Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lord, help me!!!!  I cannot believe what I am about to write here...brace yourselves, people.  I went into work yesterday and my room was again filled with crap and I have been told that there are two, count them TWO, additional people moving into my room.  Grand total would be six for those of you who are keeping count.  I have been told that the crap is not staying as it is all computer stuff and will go into classrooms. Seriously, it took three rather large and rather burly men five trips with dollys and carts to get all that stuff into my room.  I was trying to make light of the situation as I watched them unload an entire truck load full of stuff and place it in my room.  I was making jokes, trying to make small talk and I believe the burly delivery man just grunted at me.  I have had a very positive attitude about it and I think I am really ok with it.  My super hot hubby told me that I have officially become the step child of the school and I guess not a very well liked one at that.   There goes my positive attitude...DAMN IT I was doing so good!!

To make matters even worse, it is the night before a run.  I should be in bed right now dreaming of puppies, roasting marshmellows, laying in a hammock or the boogeyman for cryin out loud.  Instead,  I am sitting here dreading what is to come in the morning.  My cheery running partner greeting me in the dark with a "good morning", me almost hyperventilating from sucking wind so much, AND we have extended the run!!!  WTF!!!! 

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