Saturday, October 25, 2008

And so it begins...

My super hot hubby and I have been working so hard to get everything ready for the ceiling people to come next week.  I have spent the day cleaning out closets and purging clothes, shoes, toys, junk, etc.  and, boy oh boy, does it feel good!!! Look out, when I get like this...the cats, the kids, my husband could all end up in the "junk pile". I really like throwing stuff away sometimes.  Just getting rid of things that are no longer necessary feels fantastic.  Hopefully, this feeling doesn't transfer towards my super hot hubby throughout this remodeling project. There is lots to do and I am quite shocked that super hot hubby and I are still on speaking terms at this point.  

My dad came through town yesterday and stayed the night with us and it was a blast.  I could sit with him and chat FOR-EVER!!  He has such great stories and tells them over and over again but, each time they are a little bit better. He is great with the kids and they love having him here. This morning I was so excited to sleep a little bit longer since I knew the kids would go in and wake him up instead of me.   That is until I heard my youngest yelling and laughing with delight as my dad says "Hey, let's not do any more cannonballs off the bed."  She, of course, did not listen to him.  

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