Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 2 of H-E- double hockey sticks!!!

So far I have run two days and I hate every minute of it. Not for the reasons you might think though. Yes, I am totally sucking wind the entire time and yes, I am secretly thinking that I could shove my lovely running partner (who is WAY too cheerful at 6:00 AM) into oncoming traffic but, these are not the reasons. I hate it because I now know that it does feel good when I am done and I have to admit that (Lord, help me) my super hot husband is right!!! Please, don't ever repeat those words to him. He would NEVER say "I told you so" or even think it for that matter. If the roles were reversed, (insert best Palin impression here) you betcha, I would be thinking it, fo sho!!! He is so supportive and excited about this new endeavor. He has even suggested that he could train with me and compete in the tri as well. Initially, I thought this would be fun but upon reflection, I am not so sure. If he is running with me, then I may envision pushing him into oncoming traffic and then my babies wouldn't have a daddy!!! That would just be sad.

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