Saturday, November 8, 2008

I can't believe this

I do believe I have found something that I hate more than running.  I am not sure but, it is a close call.  My super hot hubby and I have been trying to get everything in order to begin a big remodel project in the kitchen.  We needed to pick out a new light to go over the dining room table.  I thought this would be is light for crying out loud, how hard can it be?  Well, it can and it IS very hard.  We went to several places to look for the perfect light.  We found one that we both liked and I turned to him and said "well, should we get it?"  and he quickly responded with "Of course, honey, if you like it then nothing would make me happier and can I just say you look so skinny in those jeans."  Alright, all of that happened in my head and what really happened was we found one that we both liked but, he did not want to get it since he wanted to shop around some more for a light.  WHAT??? If we see something we both like, why not get it???  INSANITY!!!  

We have been eating in the dark, literally we have to light a candle at the dinner table.  We are never sure if we are eating chicken or pasta...we need a light, damn it!!!  So, we go out today to a special light store and find one again that we both like.  This time, the angels are singing and the moons are aligned because we bought it.  We (well, super hot hubby) have spent about 4 hours and several swear words to get the light put in.  I hate to say this but, it looks fabulous and I am so glad that we waited and found this one.   We are early on in this process here folks, I am a little worried about our ability to find a stupid light.  I have visions of pushing my running partner and having her push him into oncoming traffic...that can't be good. 

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