Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is this sinking in yet?

I have been thinking about how I dropped the bomb on you about the band practice in my room.  I am so sorry if you have lost as much sleep about this as I have.  I am hearing the clarinets, keyboard, and drums (an entire drum set, I might add) in my sleep.  I am trying to recall what exactly came out of my mouth at that moment.  I think it was something along the lines of  "You are kidding, right?"  "You must be kidding."   I remember thinking in my mind..."He is f*#&@ing kidding"  I KNOW he is f*#&@ing kidding."  I began to think of the 10 and 11 year olds practicing the trumpet, trombone, and drums (did I say it was a whole set?) in my room and I got a headache just thinking about it.  I think I am pretty flexible about my working environment but, COME ON!!! This is just silly.  To top off this great day of learning about band practice...I drove home in that God awful f'in truck and the windshield wipers came on by themselves again with the spraying AND (yes, there is more) the dome light would not go off the entire way home.  It was a GREAT day!!! 

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Dayna said...

The stinky feet truck is clearly haunted. Sell! Sell! And as for the band practice...maybe YOU can be the drummer?