Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Day in History

I sit here tonight practically moved to tears. Beyond tears, really. I am so proud today to be an American and all that being a citizen here entails. I went to vote today and took my two kids in tow so that they could be a part of history. I really never thought that in my lifetime I would see a minority or a woman in the white house. This election was sure to bring one of those outcomes. I am deeply moved by the acceptance speech of our new president. He has persevered beyond what I can even imagine. He had many barriers to overcome and he did it. Stories like this truly do amaze me. I still cry at the movie Rudy about a young man wanting to play football for Notre Dame even though his body size and abilities told him he could not. He was told he could not play so many times and he NEVER took no for an answer. He continued to get up after being knocked down (literally) over and over again. In the end, his teammates recognize his heart and chant his name from the sidelines until the coach puts him in the game. I, at this point, am CRYING so hard that I cannot take it. I am always amazed at what people can overcome.

This leads me to my second point of Proposition 8 here in California. I am sad that with one step forward we have to take two steps backwards. This prop has passed and basically nullifies all gay marriages. I do not understand why this has passed and how people can consider a marriage between a couple of the same sex can, in any way, influence or come into their own marriage. I feel like although this is not against me personally, I am taking it personally. I was raised to believe that people are all equal and have the same rights and who am I to take those rights away from someone else? It is so clear to me that religious viewpoints have come into play with this proposition and that is just sad. I, in no way, want to discriminate, put down, or judge anyone for their way of thinking. I embrace peoples differences and hope that through these differences, I can learn something about myself.

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