Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is just getting ridiculous

You are probably asking yourself...what is she thinking is ridiculous?  Her work?  Her Iphone obsession?  Her super hot hubby?  Her remodel?  Just her?  I could go on and on. This time, I believe I am on candid camera and I am waiting, patiently, for the punch line that never comes.  So, to begin, I want to say that I could not be more serious about what I am about to tell you and I wish I could see your face as your are reading these words.  

My principal came to me on Monday and told me he had bad news for me.  I was thinking what could be worse that what he has already told me?  Could it be I am moving out of my room?  Is one of my 5 roommates moving out?  Am I losing my job? Is he wanting to get a bunch of birds to put in my room?  Does he need my kidney? NO!! He proceeds to tell me that our school will be getting two new classes at our school and I think I  passed out at this point.  My mind is spinning from the thought that I am now going to be sharing my room with 40 five year olds so I am certain I went to my happy place.  When I came back to, he was still talking about how this was going to effect me.  I am listening but, not really...UNTIL I heard the words BAND PRACTICE!!  Yes, that is correct, the elementary school band will be practicing every day in my room during lunch time.  EVERY DAY!!!  I cannot believe that I heard these words come out of his mouth and I cannot believe that I am typing them.  As I said, this is just getting ridiculous!!!  

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