Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Birds

Isn't that the title of an Alfred Hitchcock movie?  The one where all the birds attack?  I am certain that it is and if it is not...It should be!!!  Birds scare me and I clearly have issues with my fine feathered friends.  They are not my friends at all!!  I remember back in high school and all the birds would line up on top of the gym and just wait staring at me.  As soon as the bell would ring, they would circle above me...lurking...waiting until I least expected it.  It was, pretty much, a daily occurrence at school for someone to get pooped on.  For some reason, my head was a target.  It was probably the G-I-ANT hair that I had back in the day.  Who knows but, I have learned to live with it (the disliking of birds...NOT the giant hair).  

Fast forward a few years and I am working as a school counselor.  One of the duties of my job is to do home visits if I am concerned about students and parents.  So, I go to do a home visit for a student that was not coming to school.  I am standing in what appears to be a living room but, functioning as the bedroom with my principal and we are asking his mom all kinds of questions when all of sudden...A GIANT bird flies right at my head!!  It freaked me out and I, literally, screamed.  OK,the bird was like a tiny canary but, you would have screamed too if you saw something flying at your head.  The funniest part of the whole visit was NOT the bird flying at my head or me screaming but, that the boys mom acted as if this was very common.  She told me that the bird just wanted to sit on my shoulder or my head.  WHY??  Why would the bird do that?  I have been back to the same house three times and each and every time that f'in bird flies at my head.  I no longer have G-I-ANT hair so, I have no idea why the birds are against me. 

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