Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making Memories of Us

I have concluded that I am a skier...always have been, always will be. I have skied since I was itty bitty and have decided I will ski until I can no longer. Except for a 15 year hiatus while in college and grad school and having babies and stuff like that...I have skied for a good portion of my life. I have fond memories of my ski trips as a kid and I hope to pass those on to my kids. I cannot think of skiing and NOT think of all the great times I had such as:

* Riding on the chair lift with my dad and being catapulted like a rocket as the chair lift hit me in the back. Sounds
* Having my dad catch me by the hood of my jacket and dangle me below the chair lift like Raggedy Ann only to drop me into the fresh snow bank...skis and all. (Still not bitter about that one dad).
* Skiing through the trees and falling in the fresh powder only to laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants (I think a few times I did but, I want you to like me so, I ALMOST peed k?)
* Being the FIRST people at the mountain so that we could get the BEST parking space so that when we had to walk to get our lunch from the car it wasn't very far. (My parents were cheap like that).
* Skiing so fast down the hill that my eyes are watering.
* Teaching my own kids how to ski.
* Having my youngest on a harness that looks like a leash and having her yell at me "Go faster Santa"
* Seeing my youngest try to ski solo and watching her fall..Charlie Brown style...head over skis a few times and looking up at me with snow covering her face and still laughing.
* My youngest ran smack into the rear of my oldest daughter while skiing and, I swear, their legs ended up looking like a pretzel...all tangled and both skis still attached.
* Watching a run away ski go down the mountain with a boot still attached and hearing my daughter yell "mommy can you get that for me." Ya, sure..let me get this ski WITH a boot and walk it up to you. This ordeal only took about 30 minutes and ended with a fit of swearing (under my breath) and both of us walking down the hill.
* Trying to go to the bathroom with two kids and all our gear...let's just say it is a good morning if nothing falls in the toilet....enough said.
* Resisting all temptation to spray super hot hubby with snow when he has fallen. Especially when he got tangled up in the net like a fish...oh boy that was a tough one to resist but, resist I did...I decided to spray a stranger instead just to get it out of my system. I am far too nice when teaching someone how to ski to spray them with snow after they had fallen down. Oh I kid...well, kinda.
* Riding up on the chair lift with both girls and seeing their skis stick straight out since their legs are so short.
* Loving that both of my girls want to ski until the very end of the day regardless of the conditions...THAT is how I know I am raising kids that have the same love of skiing that I do.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay these are 90% reasons I DON"T ski. Sounds fun..for other people!!

Ab said...

Your love for sharing your passion with your girls comes through in this post - so very sweet. Though I LOL at the ski + boot heading down the hill by itself and the not dropping stuff in the toilet (that's a good day anytime in my world). <3 Love this post!!

peewee said...

I have NEVER skied, but always wanted to. And I went to college in utah for 6 yrs (don't judge) When I say that in conversation people go "you must have gone skiing ALL THE TIME!!) And when I said NOPE, their jaw would drop in utter disgust. Now I'm too old and afraid to break a hip or sumthin. I guess I will forever be the hot-chocolate-by the fire-in-the-lodge-lady.

Counselormama said...

This is great, you should've taken me with you to teach me with your girls, I only went once and I tried to "wing it" the whole day, needless to say I haven't been since!