Friday, January 29, 2010

Life is Too Short

I attended a funeral for an 18 year old student that was gunned down in the prime of his life. It was a tough one....he was a good kid, came from a crappy home life but, was trying to make some positive changes in his life. I sat there staring at his casket thinking, "Why do things like this happen?" We all sit and wonder why...we never know the answer to that question...NEVER, even if we try to wrap our brains around the why's, the answer never comes. It is what it is (my new mantra) and life must go on. During the funeral, the minister mentioned that while the young man was dead and never coming back...the living must move on. We must live, in spite of the tragedies in our lives. We must live, in spite of the sadness we feel. We must live, in spite of our desire to curl up under the covers and hide. We must live. So, I chose to do just that...LIVE!!! I will enjoy the good things and learn from the bad. I will still complain...since that is just who I am, lucky you my fellow readers.


Counselormama said...

It often takes something like this to remind us that life can be taken away at anytime. It is precious and should be enjoyed! I'm trying!

Just Add Walter said...

that is so hard when someone so young dies.. thinking of you!