Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We All Know One

Oh dear...we have all seen them...some have blogged about them...a few even know them. I am talking about the workout weirdos...the ones who for whatever reason choose to draw attention to themselves while engaging in some sort of exercise. There are those that sing to their tunes, those that talk to themselves, those that sweat profusely and then leave it on the machine for the next person to enjoy, they come in all shapes and models.

I received an e-mail from my dear friend SLAB and she told a story of a workout weirdo that she encountered at her gym recently. She and the rest of her family trek to the gym for a little family workout. She hops on the treadmill alongside a dashing and handsome man that just happens to be her husband. (Insert love song here) As they are running, staring longingly across the treadmills at each other envisioning running into each others arms...when what to her wondering eyes should occur? Here is how she tells the story:

So we are running on neighboring treadmills and he starts doing this crazy thing. He starts pumping his arms, then his knees start coming up all high as he gets going faster. Then - I'm not kidding here girls - he f*@^ing SNAPPED his fingers a couple of times and I could swear I heard some singing along. (I had my ipod on too, and I was trying my best to ignore it and pretend like I didn't know him). Then, THEN, he yelled out "come on!" and "push it!". OMG, I almost f*@^ing stuck my foot out and tripped him to end the embarrassment.

Mercifully, his run was finally over, and he was cooling down. I subtly slipped one earbud out and said to him "seriously? that was weird... and embarrassing. Warn me next time and I'll turn my music up." And he goes "was I being loud? I guess my music was up too high!" I shook my head and said - loudly- "whatever, I don't know you. I'm just offering you some friendly advice. Mellow it out."

Oh that SLAB...she kills me!!!


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I am also planning a guest post soon! Also, if that were my hubs I would first die laughing...and then refuse to go to the gym again with said hubs.

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