Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Island of the Misfits

We had a New Years party at our house...not just any was a Dick Clarks New Year's Rockin Eve party. On a side note, did anyone see Dick Clark on New Years Eve Oh Geez...isn't he married? Why is his wife not telling him nicely to hang up his New Years Eve Balls (hehehehe) and retire? If super hot hubby looked like that...I would be telling him straight up..."you had your day honey, make way for Ryan Seacrest." Don't get me wrong, I love Dick Clark but, at some point it is ok to say I am going to retire and head to Jamaica Mon'...just sayin' So, back to the party...we had a bash at our house with all the neighbors. Now from previous posts you understand that I LOVE our neighbors and they are a hoot to be around. We spend endless summer evenings busting out the safety cones in the cul-de-sac to ensure our children do not get run over by the 6 cars that reside in that cul-de-sac (I KNOW, right? We are good like that) all the while drinking way too much for a Tues night. My kind of peeps, no?

I was so excited when one of our neighbors talked super hot hubby into hosting the party at our house. I knew if I came to him, he would most likely say "HELL NO" but to her? He sweetly said..."ya, sounds fun." Come again? I jumped at the opportunity or his own insanity whichever the case may be to have the party. We had music, dancing (only the girls danced but, STILL), noise, drinks and mayhem. The kids were hopped on sugar for several hours breaking and throwing things and running and screaming through the house. One kid came in a mask that I swear was a Jonas brother but, apparently it was some young Luke really freaked me out. Everyone stayed up until midnight to ring in the new year...then go home.

The next morning I spent about an hour putting things away and cleaning up the mess. Picking up beer bottles, recycling empty wine bottles, and putting the food away...ya, the next morning but whatever. I could not believe some of the things that were left behind from our guests. Some of them I am excited about since I still have them and I am hoping they forget about them. Others? I wondered how in the heck did they leave that?
As evidenced by the picture...I bring you the island of the misfit stuff...we have a new pot holder, a great Crate and Barrel platter, a baby blanket, some extra dishes, two coats and a pair of shoes. Now, the shoes??? I didn't get since all of the guests walked home. Hmmm...I believe we have a runner up for mom of the year!!! This is why we are friends.


peewee said...

I looked at the table and thought "WHAT exactly was she excited about keeping?" and then I saw that dish towel...and OOH BOY you should not have blogged about that in cuz your neighbor prob reads this and is all "MY DISHTOWEL!"

Tina Brewer said...

Kim you are so funny! I need to get those damn shoes, the blanket and my dish. was my child who walked home three blocks at 12:30 at night with no shoes..becuase his mom had TO many drinks! Even worse...I forgot you had the shoes..and the other day I made Jacob look for them for a hour and I was so mad and told him he had to be more responsible with his NEW shoes! OMG...!

Debbie said...

We used to have monthly potluck dinners and I collected the oddest things. No shoes though.

Counselormama said...

All symbols proving you guys had a great time!