Monday, February 8, 2010

Scary Dream

Ever have one of those dreams where you wake up and have no idea what was real and what was in your sleep induced mind? You sit up like a bolt saying..."what the hell?" Ya, last night I had such a dream. I was sleeping peacefully and in my dream I was walking through a very hilly city...climbing hills and not being the least bit upset by it (that is how I KNEW it was a dream). There was a bus involved that I was riding on with the rest of my family and I decided to get off and walk...I KNOW, right? That is just crazy talk if you ask me.

In the dream, I come to the enchanted little house where there is a lovely family that wants to feed me some dinner. I, of course, oblige since I am nice like that. I excuse myself to take a tour of the home and come back with the cutest little baby in my arms. I mean deliciously cute and she does not have a bow taped to her head and I know she is girl kinda cute. She is clearly a newborn and apparently when I am touring the house, I snoop through their medicine cabinet and I have a baby? Sure...why not? At this point super hot hubby comes in and he is more then thrilled at the baby and he tells me we MUST name her Rosita Hernandez. Huh? What? We have an exchange back and forth about how maybe a name like Rose or Roselyn or Rosemary would suit her a bit better. He is adamant that we must name her Rosita Hernandez? Why? I have no idea but, we do. So, my new cute little dream baby is Rosita Hernandez and she is just darling.


Counselormama said...

You could analyze this: new life, unfamiliar home, an idea from the hubs that doesn't make sense to you, etc

you said...

Remembering your dreams first af all sujest that you are open to recive messeges from your subconscious.
do you often remember?