Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aye, Aye, Captain

Contrary to what you might think...I have NOT been playing Wii for the last week.  I haven' seriously...I haven't.  I have been trying to settle into a nice routine of cleaning the house, swim play dates, and popsicles.  Let's be real, I have been breaking up fights over here, people!!!  Lots and lots of whining, hair pulling and everything short of scratching each others eyes out (the kids have been no picnic either).  When we have no plans, the devil himself resides in this house.  I know it...he is jump out at any given time.  I have had no time for  Wii nor for my new found love of crappy tv shows called "I didn't know I was pregnant."  

I actually took one night for myself and went up to the cabin to decompress and get energized.  It was lovely.  You see, I was melting here in the valley (literally melting at 108*) and it was a nice 80* degrees up there.  The last time I was up there I had a date with Mr. Patron that didn't go so well.  I spent the night agreeing to run in a triathalon, drinking with what I am quite certain were underage boys, playing pool (which I really suck at unless I am drunk), and watching in horror as my friend was making out with their dog.  This time...I broke up with Mr. Patron and moved on to the Capt.  Now, the Capt has been good to me over the years.  He brings back fond memories of relaxing on a dock with an ice cold drink in hand while watching the water skiers go by.  He is a nice I don't need to be dressed up for, can have a mellow evening with, a dinner and movie type date per say.   He was very sweet to me and treated me like the wonderful woman I am.  He did NOT leave me reeling the next day wondering "what the heck just happened and why am I sleeping next to this giant stuffed bear that looks like I won him at a carnival.  OMG...did I go to a carnival?  Was there someone named Herb involved in my evening?  Why do I have the sense that I went on a giant slip n slide? Why am I wearing different clothes and who's sombrero is that?"   Mr. Patron is dead to me and he will no longer have his way with me...I am stronger than him and his evil ways.  Man, I love that Patron, he really is unpredictable and fun. 


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a good man, there.

Mika said...

cute post. I prefer Crown. He should be considered on of the boys.

Counselormama said...

Ha ha! Yeah, Mr. Cuervo and I broke up a long time ago, and it was an ugly, ugly break-up let me tell ya!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Well, change is good isn't it? As long as you don't mix Mr. Captain and Mr. Patron~ things could get ugly. I am picturing
Real animals

Stay cool!