Thursday, June 25, 2009

I wii, you wii, we all wii for wii ski!!

I needed at least 24 hours to decompress from the whirlwind trip that we went on.  Every year as we plan this trip, super hot hubby and I always think, "OMG...staying for a week is waaayyy too long. We should stay for a shorter amount of time so we don't hurt anyone."  At any rate, we stay for a week and hope for the best.  

One of the things that I LOVE about being down in LA is not what you would expect. Being around my lovely family for 168 hours straight?  NO.  The weather?  NO.  The beautiful (polluted) beaches? NO.  My wonderful, beautiful, skinny, smart and did I say wonderful, sister that has every cable channel AND a wii gaming system.  Yep, that's it!!!  Don't even get me started on the shows I found on the cable channels that we don't get at our house.  For instance, "I didn't know I was pregnant" is an entire season of shows about people who deliver their full term babies and claim they didn't know they were pregnant.  How can this be?  I was fascinated (by fascinated I mean judgmental) by this concept.  Come on now people, protruding belly, missed monthly blessings, eating a pickle every hour on the hour, gaining 70 lbs., throwing up in your boot every morning, etc. and each time they would show the new mommy sitting there saying "I didn't have the normal symptoms."  WHAT?? Yes, you did.  OMG...people are ridiculous. 

My darling, lovely, skinny, smart and beautiful sister has a wii and for this I would give her my kidney if necessary.  We do not own any type of gaming system and this is the sweet mother of all gaming systems.  Super hot hubby and I found ourselves gorging on wii morning, noon, and night.  He challenged me to the wii ski and it was game on!!!  The entire game is about jumps, slalom courses, moguls and such but, to me it was all about going full speed down the hill and barreling his poor little mii (Chuy with a giant fro) over.  It was hysterical.  The absolute, hands down best thing that happened with the wii was my mom tried to play the wii ski.  OMG...she was a spaz and a loud spaz to boot.  At one point, she was going over a jump and she flung the numchuck over her head and hit herself in the face with the cord.  She totally made the jump though.   The kids kept asking us to take them to the park,  to read to them, to get them food but, we were busy!!! 


Kristina P. said...

I have never done the Wii. It sort of scares me.

Counselormama said...

OMG! If only there was a pic of your mom when that happened! We just got a PS3 but I don't know how to turn it on yet, LOL

peewee said...

Wii intimidates me too. I think maybe I'm afraid to get too addicted and then I'll never leave the house.

But more importantly I LIVE IN LA and I've never seen or heard of this show!! WHAT CHANNEL??

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

We have that game and I love it! I race Elijah, but he kicks my butt, so I have to pretend to have something to do and leave the room.

Glad the trip was...good!!

Debbie said...

I kinda need to see that show about pregnant women who "don't know they are pregnant". That is my kind of entertainment. And I haven't done a Wii yet. I know I would be addicted immediately.

peewee said...

put down the wii. put it down. time to blog now.