Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Name Game

Since my last post about the Marbucks doughnuts, Marbucks...ohhhh (Homer Simpson style), I had a conversation with my super hot hubby about rhyming.  My four year old doesn't quite get the concept of rhyming but, likes to think she does.  She will say "Cat and horse...see, they rhyme."  "Uh, ya, sure they do...when do you start school?"  

So, I was telling my super hot hubby that I could rhyme his name with a word so that he would know when I am mad at him (as if the flying daggers from my eyes were unclear).  It just so happened that his name rhymes with "piss" so I figured what better name to give him?  He, of course, did not see the humor in this situation as I had and said "Umm, well, it also rhymes with kiss."  He is a half full kind of guy...I, on the other hand, will stick with piss.  Then he decides to rhyme my name to ensure I KNOW when he is mad at me...Dim??  WHAT??? How could he do this to me??  I had to point out that it could have been slim.  I think that would have been much more suitable and I am rethinking the piss name.  


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I love it! Piss! I sometimes tease my hubs because my name, and both of my sons names are from the Bible, but his is not. Mature, i know, but it's those little things, right!!?
(I would've said slim for you, just so you know.)

Counselormama said...

OMG, that is funny! btw, I called you today and they said you were not in today, How dare you not be available to me! oh and "Yvonne" doesn't really rhyme with anything exciting, thank god.