Friday, March 6, 2009

Four Eyes

When I was little, I had horrible vision and was punished to wear glasses from the second grade on.  I hated those glasses.  I remember going in to the eye dr. and telling them I could see things that I could not, in hopes that I could fool him into thinking I could see.  None the less, glasses were necessary each and every time.  Not only that but, I needed a stronger prescription each and every time.  By the time I was in 5th grade, I was sporting a giant pair of coke bottle glasses. Here I am, going through the "ugly awkward years" wearing these ridiculous glasses.  My parents could have got me some super cute glasses that made me look all smart but, instead they would probably ask..."Which pair is the cheapest?"  I finally talked my parents into getting contact lenses in 8th grade and I swore I would never wear glasses again, EVER!!!  As I got older, there were many times when I needed those glasses...lost lenses, torn, broken, eye infection.  I would not give in...I said never and I meant NEVER!!  I was scarred for life.  I would drive down the highway with one eye closed since I lost a lens, I would wear my contacts even through an eye infection, I didn't care.  Then, when I met super hot hubby, I decided to finally break down and get a pair (that was covered by insurance of course).  It took me three days to pick out those glasses.  I asked everyone, how they looked, if I looked smart, did they make my pupils look giant?  I am sure if I ran into Counselormama, I would have been included in her Freak Magnet stories.  

It is now ten years later and I have gone through two pairs of glasses.  At this point, I come home from work and take out my lenses and put on my glasses for the evening.  I am not yet comfortable wearing them in public yet but, I think I will be.  I made a promise to myself and told my hubby that there is no choice...if the kids need glasses, we will dwindle down their college fund or sell our kidneys in order to get some super cute glasses for them.  That is just the kind of mom I am. 


Counselormama said...

Thanks for the shout out, you are a good friend. I too had glasses that I REFUSED to wear! It's torture when you're a kid!

Ron said...

I didnt need glasses until I was well into my 40's .. but still .. there is the stigma we attach to glasses .. I have to wear safety glasses for work and you should see some of the elaborateness of the glasses sported .. there are the super cool jet pilot safety glasses, and the regular cool safety glasses, and then .. there are what we call the BC glasses .. BC stands for Birth Control .. cuz you aint getting any dates while wearing these babes ..

At least now, even the coke bottle glasses have sexy counterparts .. My honey wears glasses and has for years .. and she is just dead sexy in them

Pam said...

Whew, thank goodness my bad eyes didn't show up until later. You know, during the summer before you go to MIDDLE school!

Yeah, what could be worse than leaving elementary school behind and heading on UP to middle school only to show up with a HUGE pair of coke bottle glasses?

Why? Why did you have to post this and bring about such horrid memories for me this evening? Excuse me, I must go cry my blind eyes out now.

Seriously, I wear my contacts 24/7. There's no taking them out to clean them daily. Not even weekly or monthly for that matter. I do own a pair of updated and semi-trendy glasses. But I only break them out in case of extreme emergency! Like when my contacts come to life and literally jump off my eyeballs. And we all know how often that happens...

Anonymous said...

OMG that's the srtory of my life!! I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade and by 5th grade they looked like thick glass bottles that shrunk my eyes! I begged my parents to get me contacts in 5th grade and until 18 yrs old I wore them, I hated them, I too lost them, forgot to take them off, and got eye infections. Finally at 18 my parents payed for eye lasix surgery and I haven't needed glasses since then!

Debbie said...

You are a great mom! Fashion before education is a wonderful mantra:)

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

At 9 year old I found out that while riding in a car you're supposed to be able to actually READ billboards and road signs! I considered it an act of God - a first class Miracle! Holy Cow - I could SEE!

All summer - until the first day of school. Nothing like a big glob of snooty peers to burst your balloons, huh?

I went the contact route, too. All the girls hated me - the buys thought it was cool that I could pop them in and out whenever I wanted! Gross!

peewee said...

OH MY. I have the exact same story!! I refuse to even own a pair of glasses now! I even wore my contacts through a LONG bout of pink eye in the 90's! I have gone weeks with one contact!

Hello 4-eyed soul mate!

I still won't get glasses because I keep telling myself I'll get lasik.

And my mom made me get the cheap ones too!!! AND I am a -9.5!!! So I don't even think they CAN make em cute in my 'size'

I'm gonna have to find a pic from back then and post it. Then maybe you will too and we can all laugh at ourselves.

Pass the peas said...

I Had to make a comment about your glasses. Your glasses were simply a necessary part of you going to school and actually learning something as opposed to sitting there staring at a blur or a series of blurs. I saw through those glasses... thats all I have to say.