Saturday, June 20, 2009

Those were the days.

We have made it to the beautiful beaches of Southern California and all of us are in one piece.  Shocking, I think.  We were driving through the Mojave Desert looking at tumbleweeds and Joshua Trees when I turned to super hot hubby and said "Hey, the next gas station you see, can you stop? I don't have to go really bad yet but, clearly, there isn't a lot around and you are driving as fast as I can walk so this could take a while."  As my bladder is filling to maximum capacity, he passes not one but, TWO gas stations in the freakin middle of no where.  By this time, I am literally dying and had I been in the old stinky truck I would have just gone on the seat or on the floor but, since I was in the new shiny, pretty truck...I couldn't do that.  What are the odds that I could pee in a water bottle with a fairly small opening?  I am thinkin', not so good.  When we finally find a gas station, I literally run to the restroom...bowling down anyone that could be in my way.  

We have spent the last few days visiting with my family and friends.  Last night, we went over to Skinny Bitches house and hung out with Slab (another high school friend).  The three of us, talked the entire time...I mean the ENTIRE TIME!!!  Every once in a while, the hubby's would interrupt us and we tell them their services were needed outside for the BBQ, kids, or something.  Even though 20 years has passed since those dreadful yet fun times,  it was as if we didn't miss a beat.  Each of us has kids and husbands, yet I still think of SB and Slab as 17 year old high school girls.  I think about the times we spent at the River, the prom, the parties, the beach, sneaking off campus at lunch time, ditching classes (Mom, I mean only when I was sick and with your permission....I NEVER ditched classes),  etc. etc.  As we were reminiscing, we started sentences with "remember when..." and "Oh my god, do you remember..."  I had this thought last night as I was sitting there enjoying the company, relaxing around the fire with a beer and one of Slabs kids came up to her and was calling her mommy...."Why is this kids calling her mommy?"  I don't see them this way and I probably never will.  We will always be 17 in my if I can get my 23 year old body back...we would be in business.  


peewee said...

I know! My 20 yr reunion is coming up so I've been reconnecting with old friends....and I just can't believe how fast it's all gone by...and that I even just said that sentence cuz I remember my mom saying that sentence when i was younger and I rolled my eyes like "whatever! you're old"

Debbie said...

I am the same way! Even though I see my grown and growing kids, I still think of myself as a teen!

Jane Anne said...

My 23 yr old body... now that would be something to reclaim. Ah, my body before my 4 kids!

Sounds like you are having a great time!

Pam said...

You're making my day!

confessions mom said...

Hi. This is the mom of Seriously. I know you have all wondered if there really was a mom - because could there really be someone who does all those things????
I have been trying to figure how to sign up to write a comment but because of being technically challenged,
I was unable to do so. Since Seriously has been down to see us she explained to me how to do it. Sooooo
from now on I will be commenting once in awhile. She says I have written enough!!!!!!!!