Saturday, June 13, 2009

Road Trip

I am certain I have posted before about road trips with the family.  I love the idea of them but, put in motion they pretty much suck.  I have spent the day before leaving for our journey, away from the house so that super hot hubby can pack, repack and repack to get the luggage, food, hiking boots, bikes, toiletries, lists upon lists, napkins, kitchen sink, etc. just so.  

One of the most endearing features when it comes to super hot hubby and road trips is he is highly organized.  One hour into the trip I can ask him, "hey super hot hubby, where is the magnetic Othello game?"  And his response will be "in the seat back pocket behind the cd's, toilet paper and gum."  Now, one of the most annoying features about super hot hubby and road trips is he is highly organized.   He places maps in order that we may need them in the door pocket, he never forgets anything and if anything is forgotten it is something he asked me to bring and I forgot.  I can guarantee, he has the gas tank full, water bottles filled and in the car, and cd's burned and ready to go right now and we aren't leaving for another 10 hours.  When will we be able to stop for my Marbucks donut, venti coffee with room for cream, super big gulp, Skittles and gum when he has covered all the bases???  

Wish me luck...well, all of us because things could really go bad on a road trip for anyone who whines, cries, wants to watch the same movie over and over again, asks for 12 pieces of gum, wants me to read to the point that I am sick, drops everything under the seat, has to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, etc.  Again, road trips look great on paper but, put in motion...someone could end up in jail.  

PS...we are going to be seeing my mother soon so I am sure I will have many great stories about this trip...stay tuned!!! 


Counselormama said...

BEEN THERE! When we came back from Disneyland we brought my dad back with us, so guess who was stuck in the hump seat between the two kidlets???? Yours truly of course! Good luck my friend!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Have a wonderful time! Remind Mr. Organization that getting there is half the fun . . . and that he's just sucking all the WHEEEE! out of your good time!

I had to tell Dub that several times when we drove across country in '04 - until he finally admitted he was starting to like being a tourist!


peewee said...

uh. New York has this new law that the calories have to be posted on EVERY ITEM in a chain food store, in the same size and font as the itemlike Marbucks. I'm not EVEN gonna tell you what I saw printed next to those donuts. not even!

imbeingheldhostage said...

When I see "road trip" I get all excited and begin salivating-- but you reminded me what they're really like, so I will just sit here and enjoy yours ;-)
Happy traveling to you!

Pam said...

You forgot something...a camera...mounted inside the we could all go along for the ride.

I would pay top dollar to simply be an extra set of eyes on the trip. If yours are anything like ours(which they can't be because my hubby is not organized like super hot hubby)then I feel for you! And boy are you right about all of the "work" it takes to keep those kids in their seats and off your nerves. Well, maybe just in their seats. ;-)