Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Opening Day

Opening day of the stupid play went off without a hitch...that's right...All went well. I was nervous up until the very second I got in my place to begin. The theater was far from sold out but, there was a good number of people there. There was this one kid sitting in the second row...with glasses?? Ya, you know who you are..you little punk!!!...He kept interrupting me as I was speaking which was pretty annoying to say the least. I stayed on cue and was actually able to respond to him...IN CHARACTER no less...and basically told him to shut up (nicely of course).

Super hot hubby was at my beck and call all day long. He was so supportive and actually got angry when the stupid director yelled at me AGAIN!! Even if he wasn't mad or if he didn't think she yelled all that much...he played along at least. Still not sure if I will do this again but, at least the end result has been good. I will say this...the stupid director and I will NOT be friends after this show. Not even "good book friends"...seriously, THAT is a big deal.

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