Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things I LOVE or HATE About Christmas...You Decide.

I LOVE (or hate) the holiday season...

10. Christmas Cookies
9. Wrapping presents until my neck hurts.
8. Christmas cards
7. Shopping
6. Having 2 weeks off of work
5. The decorations
4. The music
3. My family
2. The hand knitted stockings hung by the fire.
1. My youngest daughter commenting on the neighbors big balls (hanging from the tree but, whatever...)

Now, you must figure out which things on this list I truly love (if there are any) and which ones I hate. FYI - a lot of these can go either way depending on my f'in Christmas spirit that day....just sayin.


peewee said...

I think, only # 10.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Me too, me too. This morning, I loved baking cookies. This afternoon? Not so much. Ahh, this time of year!

bluebonbon said...

I love every one of these. (except the music, I dislike it, period. and your neighbor's balls...I don't know him like that)

I hate every one of these at one point or another during the season. Especially towards the end.


Hoping you're having an awesome week. Merry Christmas!