Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Quirks

We all have them....I try to embrace them but, usually end up having a panic attack about them.

1. I HATE anything that when I eat it, my hands turn a different color. Doritos and Cheetos are the things I loathe the most. I am so tired of having orange hand prints on my ass from little kids having dirty hands from lunch and then hugging me. This came from the elementary school I used to work at since my kids are NEVER allowed to eat those things in my presence. OMG...when they lick all that cheese like substance off their hands...GAG!!!

2. I must get out of bed either on a time ending in a zero or a five...I can't get up at 6:12...must wait until 6:15. Why? I have absolutely no idea...

3. I like to make lists....several lists....my lists have lists...and I LOVE crossing things off my lists and when I get down to a few things...I make a brand new list. Apparently, I spend my free time fantasizing about lists. If you haven't noticed, THIS is a list and if anyone was to look at my ipod touch...you would find (at least) five lists at any given time.

4. I have very serious shoe issues. This is not a joke, it really is a sickness. I am CONSTANTLY losing my shoes or just one shoe to be exact. I don't understand how I lose one shoe. For the record, I have two feet so how one shoe disappears? I have no clue. I spend at least 2 mornings a week in a frenzy looking for my shoes. Now, one would think that I might find them the night before? Oh no...that has never happened and I don't see it happening tomorrow (unless I put that on my list of things to do).

5. It is physically impossible for me to make my coffee the night before. My coffee pot doesn't have a timer on it but, I could at least make it and then just flip the switch in the morning...but, NOOOOO, for some reason I can't do it. I think about it but, never do it. I think it would be great to do and how nice that would be but, I think I hope every single night that there is truly a coffee fairy or some sort of fairy (oh I don't know....a little gay guy?) that will do it for me.

6. I am a night owl that desperately wants to be a morning person. I have not been able to be successful at waking up early for several days in a row (three is my limit). I really wish my body would wake up on it's own at 5:30 AM refreshed and energized but, I guess I would need to go to bed by 9:00 PM to do that.

7. I have a freakishly weird obsession with hoodies and Converse tennis shoes. I would wear them every single day if I could....and really? I can, so I do.

So, tell me..what is a quirk that you have? Come on...We are all friends here.


sAm said...

OK - all those things sound totally normal to me. (of course, I've been called a bit "eccentric" many times in the past) But to address those that spoke to me:
5) I have a coffee elf - my son. Every day. Damn, I love that kid - what will I do when he's out of the house?
7) I.Do.TOO. But I can't wear them every day, sadly enough. I have a theory that hoodies make me look skinnier - the pouch in the front totally camouflages my belly. Yeah.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I don't know...you sound pretty normal to me. I mean, that is coming from me, but...
I am thinking we are sisters? Or is is your mom and I who are?

Ab said...

Before kids, I had to have PITCH BLACK darkness to sleep. I put socks (why socks & not something else? who the hell knows) over the clock light and would make my husband get up to adjust the vertical blinds just so not 1/16 of an inch of light would come through.

Kids completely ruined me - I can sleep with the god damn lights on now.

Molly Doolittle said...

This is my first time visiting your site, but you sound totally normal to me...well, except for the getting up on a 0 or 5...and maybe the Dorito thing. I am now going to train my son how to be the "coffee fairy"....hopefully leaving the whiskey bottle next to the coffee maker, he will mix up the morning cocktail of my ancestors. I would become a morning person for that! Thanks for the laughs!