Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Red Ribbon Week

This week is the dreaded and infamous Red Ribbon Week at my oldest daughters school. I have no issue with this week and find it to be kind of helpful for older kids but, in Kindergarten she came home and asked me about drugs. Could have been a good conversation, but she was 5 and how in depth do you go with a 5 year old?

"Mommy, what are drugs?"
"Well, honey, drugs can be smoking or alcohol or some other things you smoke and some people take medicine that is from a Dr. but, they don't take it right."
"But, mommy, you drink beer and you have medicine from a dr."
"hmmm, yes I do but, I am an adult and I am allowed to do that and I take my medicine as it is prescribed to me."
"Then why are you saying that alcohol is a drug but, it is ok to drink it and what does purstripe mean?"
"Don't you have homework to do?"
"Do you want to watch a tv show?"
Great...problem was solved. I am good like that.

Now she is in second grade and one of her assignments was to write a note to a parent at home. Why? I have no idea but, I found a note on my book by my bed last night and opened it up. It was so sweet. She wrote.."Daddy, I love you. You are the best daddy. I love you. Happy Red Ribbon week." There were hearts and ribbons all over the note. I thought it was so sweet even though it was to super hot hubby instead of me. Then when I got into bed...I noticed that there was a note under my pillow. I thought she had made me an equally sappy and loving note telling me of all my wonderfulness and greatness. Instead she just wrote..."Drug Free" I am so NOT feelin' the love!!!


peewee said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!! Drug free. I wish MY dr would perstripe me some drugs!

Just Add Walter said...

haha this one made me LOL!

Vodka Mom said...

that was great. I needed a chuckle!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sweet! Stay drug free mommy!
I agree. It is hard to do some of these activites through different grades. we run K-6 at our elementary, and it is so hard sometimes. Last year, we had Ronald McDonald come and visit. Cool for the younger grades, but the older ones were bored stiff.

Counselormama said...

We had the same exact conversation over here, I somehow managed to turn my dad into some sort of junkie in her eyes (he smokes cigars)