Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Going Away Present

I have left my elementary school and moved on to the middle and high school. It has been a difficult transition but, one that I am ready for. On my last day at the elementary school, I was anxious and sad about what the day would entail. How do I tell the kids good bye? How do I say good bye to my friends that work here? I couldn't possibly hug all these kids yet I wanted to. I was a hot buttered mess all day long. Lots of tears and I had one kid say to me..."What am I doing to do without you here, you make me so happy." This melted my heart.

It wasn't until a few days later (4 to be exact) that I received my going away present. I have worked there for 9 years and while I think a plant that I could have killed in two weeks would have been sufficient a card even...instead? I contracted ringworm. EWWWWWW!!!! I feel so hideous. Best part, is that it is on my neck and all the older kids are asking me if it is a hickey. I can hear it now..."Hey, did you meet that new counselor...the one with the hickey?" Ya, that's nice...thanks to the kid who gave me ring worm for helping make my transition so smooth.


Peaches said...

LOL! Sorry to laugh at your misfortune. Last year for being the room mom I was given plantar warts. Well, technically I was given a pedicure gift certificate, but whatevs.

I hear that Blue Star Ointment works wonders!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Um. Sweet! I had ringworm as a kindergartener. Actually, it was so bad that the specialist in the Twin Cities took photos/samples of it to use in study. My sweet parents even signed wavers for them to use in books.

Counselormama said...

Yeesh, how did you get that??? I hope that staff did actually get a you a gift, right? Get on Facebook so we can catch up!