Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life's (HARD) Lessons

Upon returning from my 20th high school reunion, I have been reflecting on the night. In the years since exiting high school, I think I have learned some good life lessons...some of them through trial and error and others just from observations and a few were just common sense. 

Here is what I took away from the night:

1.  You want to look smokin' hot because there are those that age well and those that do want to be in the category of age well.

2.  Get a room in the hotel or one within walking distance and DO NOT tell anyone your room number.  Seriously, people will show up at your door before and after the party for a place to crash or drink some more. 

3.  Wear just looks better.

4.  Browse your yearbooks prior to getting to the reunion.  There will be many people that you will see that you will recognize their face but, not know their name.  All will be wearing a name tag and it is just embarrassing to stare at someone's chest to see who they are.

5.  Limit your alcohol intake on the afternoon and the night of the reunion.  This is a big one!!!  If you want people to think you have matured since high school...maybe, just maybe, you should act mature.  I'm just sayin...

6.  Have your attire pre checked by anyone that can see.  Let's just say that a wife beater t-shirt is not appropriate for the reunion...especially if you have some sort of glandular issue that makes you sweat profusely.  And for the women, there is never a time that would be appropriate to remove any layer of clothing.

7.  When the music stops and the DJ leaves the building...this signals the end of the dancing portion of the night.  There should not be anyone dancing to the songs in their head or to songs that no one else can hear. 

8.  Please refrain from trying to kiss a married woman...especially if you yourself are married.  You would think this would be a given but, apparently it needs to be said. 

9.  When every ounce of your being is telling you to look away from the head cheerleader trying to do a cheer at the end of the night, you really should look away.  It is an image that I will never forget and will, most likely haunt me to the day I die. 

10.  Some people just never change...sometimes that can be good and sometimes it can be bad...very, very bad!!! 



Kristina P. said...

Maybe I need to rethink my decision of not going to my reunion!

NotTooSeriously said...

Wow, you sure are getting philosophical in your old age.

Counselormama said...

NO WAY!! I would have died laughing if I saw some almost 40 yr old woman trying to do a cheer from back in the day, good times. Yeah, that kissing problem is a staple at all reunions, be cautioned!

sAm said...

I did not follow #5 for mine. And I'm glad. I had the opportunity to tell two people exactly what I wanted to say 20 years ago (ah...the bravery of drunkness!) My friends tell me I was coherent enough to be understood, too! But I did follow #1 & #3, which made my slam even more powerful (the two guys had been hitting on me).

peewee said...

HAHA!! Oh man. I can't WAIT for mine in Oct! ANd thanks to you I.AM.READY!

Just Add Walter said...

ugh... having mine next year... I will have to keep those rules in mind for sure!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yes, you nailed it all RIght On The Head! As usual!

Ab said...

LMAO, as usual. I love ya, sister.