Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a Small World After All

I haven't had this blog for a really long time and I don't have a whole bunch of followers (the ones I have, I love to the end of time) and I never in a million years thought that by post 111 everything would come full circle in blog land.  Most of my followers are friends of friends of friends and a few people that have stumbled upon my blog through comments or coincidence.  I read blogs where there are 1000+ followers and how the blog author will be out and someone will recognize them from a picture or something and comment on how much they love it.  You all have paparazzi in blog land you just don't really know it.  

"The good book" (Facebook) has connected me with people from my past and I LOVE IT!  Chatting with people I haven't seen or talked to in years has been fun to say the least.  Imagine my surprise at the 20 year high school reunion to connect even more with people and begin to put a real life face with a name and a memory.  After attending the "train wreck 101" (see the reunion post), I drove home..back to reality...back to my life here of wiping noses and tushies and turning into Cybil in 2.2 seconds.  Life is good!!!  

I was on my computer one night looking at "The Good Book" and a friend I have known since Kindergarten was on so I began an IM conversation.  We were chatting and laughing about the reunion and just the ridiculous behavior that we hope to never see again. I mentioned that I wrote a blog about it and he requested the link.  I, of course, put him through the oath of not revealing my true identity and if he did...well, nothing would happen but, I would be really mad.  He agreed and I sent the link.  Within 2 seconds he responds with "OMG...I can't believe this."  He has been following my blog and had no idea it was me.  We freaked out and I was trying to figure out how he found it in the first place and we freaked out again.  It is such a small world after all!!! 


Pass the peas said...

I am dying to know more, this post absolutely requires more!! More, more more?!?!?!

sAm said...

Wow...that's freaky!

Just Add Walter said...

that is crazy!!!

peewee said...

HA! That's funny. I always freak out when stuff like that happens.

Ab said...

Tell the dude to get a life & stay off mommy blogs. Geez.... ;)


No kidding! If you ever out yourself, I'll volunteer to be your paprazzi. :)

I love the blogosphere. Facebook is the icing on the cake!