Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Freakin' Game Night

Super hot hubby and I decided to step up our game of implementing an fun filled evening of board games with the kids one night a week.  Now, this is also in conjunction with baseball practice and two baseball games a week, ballet, homework, birthday parties, play dates, etc.  The introduction of this night comes on the heels of the fact that super hot hubby and I did not do a birthday party for either one of the kids this year.  While we differ in opinion on this (and we all know who is right)...the kids keep asking about a party.  I am NOT feeling like the mother of year right now so, let's start having more family fun time to make us feel closer.  

While it all sounds good...we all know that it didn't go well (hence the post).  We decide to let the youngest person pick the game and next week, the next youngest and so on.  My youngest is freshly 4 years old and doesn't have the best sportsmanship skills.  We are working on it.  She chooses Mickey's Clubhouse Yahtzee which sounds fun right?  

First game goes well..no major problems...second game...not so well.  My four year old begins to whine in a voice that I only thought dogs and parents can hear.

"I want to go first."  
"You got to go first last time...let's give someone else a turn to go first." 
"I don't want to...that's not fair."
"If you are going to cry, then you can go to your room."
"I don't want to go to my room."
"Then stop whining."

Game 3...we pushed it on this one.  

"I don't want to only have two Mickey's"
"Well, that is the way the game goes."
Putting her head down on the table to pout (which infuriates me)
"Shall we skip your turn then."
She rolls the dice and the dice go flying all over the table and floor...again infuriates me.
"You need to pick them up."
She picks them up and rolls them again...now she begins to bang the yahtzee cup on the table.
"You need to choose what you are rolling for and please stop banging on the table."
"Well, I am thinking"  (with MAJOR attitude and eye roll)
She is four, people...FOUR!!!  OMG...roll the freakin dice or I am going to lose it here.  Now, I put my head down and proceed to bang my head on the table.
Final roll...all dice go flying...OMG...who's idea was this?? 
When she puts her playing piece on the board...she purposefully knocks all the other pieces off.  AGAIN...I am infuriated. 

At the end of the game...she is upset because she got 13 and someone else got 16 and she is adamant that 13 is more than 16 so that she would win.  

Glad we implemented that fun filled evening...Good times!!! 


Counselormama said...

OMG! I cannot stop laughing! We had to stop "quality time" at our house because apparently, it translated to "Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!"

Kristina P. said...

This sounds like our house. And it's only me and the hubby! We can't play games very often.

krystal.hayward said...

Major props on TRYING to have a family game night! With all that you have going on, how did that idea even occur?! Good luck with it (that is, if you're brave enough to try it again!)

Jane Anne said...

I can imagine this oh too well. Only my 4 year old wouldn't be so emotionally dramatic. He'd probably hit something. He is very physical when he gets frustrated. LOL! Now, I am left thinking about what my little girl will be like one day. :)

peewee said...


LOVE how she knocked all the other pieces over. I LOVE HER. I still do stuff like that. Only now they call it "passive aggressive" and I'm just fine with that.

TrueLoveIsaMama said...

Hilarious! Sounds so familiar. I just try to play there way and the game is usually over in less than 3 minutes due to someone overthrowing the game! Maybe when the youngest is 7 we can get serious about it, and really play some nice games! Until then I will keep picking up small cherries game pieces from the floor!

Pam said...


And this was YOUR idea for family fun?!


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Instead of that kind of slow torture for yourself - - why not just get a sharp pointy stick and poke your eye out and get it over with?!

Maybe you could try 'red light /green light' or one of those more physical type games and just let her cheat! How about "pin the tail on your brother"?

i'm going home now,

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yep. I can only imagine that at my house.
Mom, Asher threw my piece!
Mom, Asher stinks! Change him!
Mom! Asher tipped the board over
Mom! Asher... get my drift? No game night for a few more years here!

LoveLaughterLife said...

That is sooo funny.I so know where you are coming from.We tried family game night and my 2nd youngest ate a game piece.yep,ate it.We have also tried family drawing night,Soooo dont go there.It also was a catastrophe.One day when all the kids move out,I will try again.

peewee said...

I still crack up at this post

Debbie said...

I love it when good ideas go horribly wrong. Happens to me all the time!

Willow Tree said...

When I moved I gave 90% of the games away, instead of packing them. Well meaning, childless friends, couldn't understand this. But we know. Yep, we victims of FGN know how it really goes down. So I only break out the chosen few once in a while, lol.


Pass the peas said...

Super awesome post here! I really felt your pain there...