Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Must My Kids Embarrass Me So????

I have no idea what happened in the gene pool between my husband and I.  Our first daughter is delightful, sweet, caring, quiet, clean, smart, etc.  I thought that when we had our second daughter, life would be blissful...filled with ribbons, cute dresses, quietness, sweetness, lollipops, sugar and spice and everything nice.  Wow, is this a wake up call or what?   Now, my youngest daughter is only 4 so, I am hoping she grows out of this phase but, she has been a little on the wild side since...well, since exiting my body.  As an infant, she rarely slept, she would make noises just to hear herself, and the louder the noises the better.  She CANNOT sneak anywhere and she is in constant motion and noise soon follows.  She cranks it up a notch whenever she meets new people or there are cute little boys around.  Imagine my horror when I took her out to eat when I was meeting an old friend from high school and his two boys.  

We hadn't seen each other in 20 years.  I LOVE seeing people that I knew as a child and meeting their families.  It is so interesting to me to see their kids and how their lives have turned out.  We had plans to ski with our kids together in Tahoe for a day and unfortunately we ended up at two different ski resorts.  We decided to meet for a quick bite to eat before they had to go.  Now, taking my kids in public is a gamble in and of itself but, a restaurant is almost always a sure fire scene.  After introductions and 30 youngest becomes this Tazmanian Devil that cannot be contained.

"Mommy I need more water."
"But you have water."
"But I need more...I am so thirsty."
"Finish the water you have and I will give you more."
Volume is increasing with each exchange.
"But, I am really thirsty and I am going to drink all of that water and I need more."
Trying to keep it peaceful..."OK"  I give her water.
"Mommy, you know what?"
Oh crap...OMG, what is she going to say? Please, don't let it be something about my period.  Ignore, ignore, ignore...
"Mommy, you know what?" (even louder, cannot ignore anymore)
"Mommy, BOO"
"Ummm, OK, I was not scared by that."
"Really? BOO!!!"
"Oh OK, now that scared me."
I am really hoping the food comes quickly at this point...I am thinking why must she behave like a heathen in front of my high school friend.
THEN she breaks into song...
"Sigmund the Sea Monster and Johnny and Scott are friends." 
She then explains the plot line of this horrible 70's show that I used to watch as a child.
"Johnny and Scott find this sea monster and they are friends."
Back to the song now..."Sigmund the Sea Monster..."
I am dying at this point...I tell her to "turn down the volume."
"But, I don't have a volume button, Mommy."
CLEARLY, you do not my sweet girl.  I wouldn't trade her for anything...well...umm, no, I wouldn't trade her for anything.  


Teri said...


My daughter is 3 and she is as loud as they come. She walks with thunderous heels, runs with napalm in her feet and jumps when standing still. Her voice is like foghorns and Gilbert Gottfried rolled up in a cannon. KAPOW! Speaking of...she just woke up. Darn the luck.

By the way.....I am so jealous you get to go to Tahoe. I have been twice and I love it there. I'm stuck in PA.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Just remember - there WILL come a time when you do get to pay them back.

Believe me - it's fun! Wait until the 12 year old sleep-overs and drag out the 'family photos'.

Wait for a date to show up and answer the door in the curlers and bathrobe!

Or think of what my son said a week before his very formal wedding . . . "Mom, there's not a Mickey Mouse embossed on your wedding outfit is there?"

Anonymous said...

Oh my! She will give you green and gray hairs, but when she has children she will have that one child that stands out and you will be able to remind her what she used to do and it will be payback, HAHAHA(wicked laugh). My grandma used to say this and its true!:)

Counselormama said...

This is how I feel about my almost 3 yr old son! He has had me sweating in the cold, and embarrassed enough to leave somewhere. My daughter on the other hand? Perfect in public!

Ron said...

I have three daughters that were vastly different as children. I figured there would be an 'evening out' as they got older. However, now at 29, 25, and 21, they are still as different as they can be. They do have some commonalities, but held on to their individuality. As they were growing up, I used to tell them, "Be unique, like everyone else." I guess it stuck.

It does seem you are enjoying the diversity.

TrueLoveIsaMama said...

Hilarious! I also ran into someone I had not seen since HS, with my two kids, he had none. My daughter was so giddy by me running into someone I once knew, that she decided to demonstrate this giddiness by making strange monkey sounds.... he must have thought, "I always figured her kids would be like that." :)

Pam said...

OMGosh, I think I would've crawled under the table!

So I guess you won't be seeing your old buddy for another 20 years or so, right? Oh, never?! Seriously, he actually said "never"? So sorry!

Debbie said...

I have always told my kids that I am at my worst as a mom when they embarrass me. I think they know that firsthand by now:)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Oh, you made my day! I had though my children were the only kids like this out there! I got two of her model, but males! I wouldn't trade their personality for anything either!