Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm So EXCITED...and I just Can't Hide It!!!!

I am so excited...wanna know why? I am headed to beautiful Southern California for a few days to give thanks and spend the holidays with my family. Oh ya....did I mention that I am flying BY MYSELF and staying BY MYSELF in a small beach town for two nights? Did I mention that part...ya, that is where my excitement comes from. Don't get me wrong, family trips are great. Driving for long distances in the car with super hot hubby at the wheel going (at top speed) 62 miles per hour, stopping at some seedy, gross gas stations along the way since the kids can't hold it anymore, eating at the local AM/PM for lunch...sounds fun, right? Any of you who have shared a 747 with me and the kids have experienced the endless picking up of crayons, spilling of drinks, kicking the seat in front of us, constant apologies to everyone on the plane and the trying to get all three of us in the bathroom by the cockpit. Do you know that FAA regulations REQUIRE you to close the restroom door by the cockpit? Doesn't matter that there are two kids in there with of which must stand on top of the toilet to flush while the other is sitting on the sink counter. It is REQUIRED!!!!

This time, I am flying...all alone, could care less about getting to the airport early enough but not too early...hell, I would go right now if I could. I am going to grab the latest People magazine and see if I can hold out until I get on the plane to open it. I am betting on "no" but, I will try. I am going to browse through the sky mall magazine and think about ordering a wine chiller or a new hammock for the back yard. I will order a drink on the plane...maybe...the possibilities are endless. At this point, the only thing that can ruin this flight is 1) Sitting in front of a child who endlessly kicks my seat (basically a kid just like mine) or 2) Sitting next to a person that really should have got two seats...I don't like it when someone spills over into my seat. I am thinking that even those things won't ruin my flight...I may just need a few drinks instead of one.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

LUCKY!!! I so wish I were in your shoes (or airplane seat!) Oh, and my hubs drives 62 mph too.

Peaches said...

I'm cracking up right now. My last flight with kids, I had a bitchy flight attendant slam the door shut on my behind sticking out of the bathroom while I was struggling to get my kids toileted!!

Have a great trip.

peewee said...

YAY!!!! And the weather is BEAUTIFUL right now!