Tuesday, September 1, 2009

19...and Counting

19 scoops of ice cream? 19 spiders found in my bathtub in one year? 19 times that my youngest child drives me crazy in a 24 hour period? 19 trips to soccer practice in one week? NOPE...none of those. I heard today through my new People app on my Ipod Touch (a whole 'nother post on how that came about) that the Duggars family is pregnant again and that will make 19 kids. How can this be? Well, I understand how it could be but, who in their right mind would want to do this? I only have two of them and I feel outnumbered five out of seven days a week.  Now, I am a mom with a lot of love to give my kids. I go to soccer games, I make matching hair rubber bands for their whole team, I tuck them in at night, I kiss them, I try not to scream at them (I said TRY), I let them eat ice cream and popsicles just because and I just can't even imagine how much my kids would lack from me having 17 more kids. 17!!! Let alone how my uterus or my body alone would take it. One of my friends referred to her as a clown car...you just never know how many are going to come out of there and I could not agree more. By the 6th, those babies must just be flying out of her into a basket across the room...kinda like when you try to make a basket with a wadded up piece of paper from across the room. I would even imagine that they have the basket strategically located so that no one even needs to catch the baby. Now, I am not being all "judgy" on this family...I just know that my plate is full with my two, thank you very much.


peewee said...

OH How I love that creepy show! I KNEW Jim Bob and Fertile Myrtle would have another one.

AND they're expecting a grandkid too! WORD. Are there even enough J names for them?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have a headache just reading that number as it relates to her vagina. Yikes. Double Yikes.

Counselormama said...

Maybe just a sneeze is all it takes at this point?


I have to admit they seem to have it all. And you can bet your bottom dollar that makes me nervous. It would seem logistically speaking the kids are helping to raise the little ones at this point. I see a lot of good things about how they're choosing to raise their family, but at what point is the glory they are seeking to bring the Lord become a joke? I too have my hands FULL with the 3 I've been blessed with. I don't think 1 can mother 19 without sacrifice all around.