Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet Smell of Summer (or maybe it is beer...I'm not sure)

It is finally here...the day we have been counting down to for 185 days. Today was the last day of school. Bittersweet for me since I am moving schools yet AGAIN. Hoping that I have finally found a home for my belongings...I don't like being the counseling foster child so keeping my fingers crossed that the next site is one I can stay at forever and ever and ever...well, until I die...or retire...whatever. I am thrilled that I no longer will be working with "CRAZY counselor" anymore. Seriously, she was/is crazy beyond belief. Why is it that counselors are crazy? Let's answer that question another time...k?

Working at a high school brought me lots of joy and sorrows (ie crazy counselor). The kids were wonderful and most were mature and some were stoned throughout their entire senior year. What student in their right mind gets high in the staff bathroom? I think I just answered my own question so let's move on. I was able to reconnect with students that I knew when they were in 3rd grade and now they are graduating...sniff sniff. I was able to partake in their graduation ceremony (which was awesome since they sang a Whitesnake song..."Here I go again on my own...going down the only road I've ever a drifter I was born to walk alone"...sigh), take pictures of the kids, and give them hugs right before they got their diploma. Only 5 of the kids that I knew back in the day,, some were at different schools, some moved away and sadly some dropped out. 5 out of 40? Not a very good statistic. I will say this though...the district I work in is HUGE and kids have many options of high schools to attend. We also have a high transient population with families and kids moving several times. So foreign to me since the majority of the kids I went to grade school with went on to graduate from the one high school in my district. No...wait...6...there were 6 of the original crew...PHEW. 6 out of 40. I feel much better now. Celebrate the successes....otherwise I go crazy...HEY...maybe that is what happened with the "crazy counselor" lady?

Congratulations to the class of 2010!!

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