Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things I Learned 8 Years Ago Today

This date for me is always so nostalgic and sentimental. I wake up and think back 8 years ago today and remember where I was at every single moment and how my life changed on this day. THIS is the day that my first daughter was born and I became a mom. Now, we all hear all the little tidbits of information that people give you like "sleep when she sleeps" and "Get an epidural!!" While I listened to all those things, I really just listened to myself since I seem to know me the know?

So, in no particular order...this is what I learned 8 years ago today:

1. An epidural is NOT necessary...Ya, that's epidural and by choice!!! I wanted to see if I could do it and truly it was the most amazing experience of my life...crazy? Maybe...but all you readers that run THAT is crazy!!!! I honestly believe that I single handedly scared my best friend Schmiggy to death and she will never have kids...true story!

2. The moment that they lay those sweet little cherub babes on your chest...your life is forever changed. FOR.EVER. My daughters bring me the most joy and the most stress all at the same time. Seeing a child sick or hurt is, by far, the hardest thing EVER!!!

3. As she exits each stage and enters a new one, I am excited and sad all at the same time. I loved watching her walk but, at the same time I knew that her giant diaper bottom wouldn't be bustling around on the floor anymore picking up the Cheerios from breakfast and I was going to actually have to sweep the floor..GASP!!!

4. I become very "mama bear"ish if I need to and I truly believe I could kick anyone's ass if they tried to do anything to my kids. I don't even like it when her friends are mean to, I wouldn't kick her friends ass just yet (that just wouldn't be a fair fight) but, I do have some thoughts about those mean girls on the play ground...I'm just sayin'.

5. I love trying to trick them into holding my hand...I will say things like "Can you hold my hand...I think I may get lost walking into the store" I am needing to get a bit more creative as they get older and wise up to my tactics. I hope that they never grow out of wanting to hold my hand or kiss and hug me...I know they will but, I can hope...right?

6. There is nothing sweeter then when she, without prompting, says..."Mommy I really love you." or "I think you are the best mom ever." She has said both of those things and really I almost cry.

7. I love it when people tell me how beautiful my kids are...I always add something else to them being beautiful like..."Thanks...they are so funny too." or " should see how strong they are too." I want them to know there is more to them then their looks.

8. I drink A LOT more now that I have kids then ever before...would it be bad if I think everyone is happier if I drink? WAIT...don't answer that...I think I know the answer. HELL NO that isn't bad...right? OK...good..moving on.

9. I am proud of my little "baby pouch"....ok proud is a little strong but, I guess it doesn't bother me that much. When it does...I just see her pretty little smile or the sparkle in her eye and realize that the little muffin top is so worth it so who cares. Well, I am NOT proud of it when I run into an ex boyfriend or at my high school reunion where no one had is that possible? I have no idea but, I sucked my stomach in that entire that a work out? I think it is..

10. I love cheese and cannot live without it. Now, this tidbit has nothing to do with having kids, I just thought you would like to know...

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